Single Review: Taylor Swift desires to live in her fantasy on “Wildest Dreams” – CedricCed


Taylor Swift is dreaming of the perfect guy on pulsating single “Wildest Dreams.” To point out, this is the fifth single preparing for airplay from the successful album 1989. Must be remembered, 5x platinum, 1989, actually created notable smash records like; “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space.” Of course, this hits as summer flings come to an end, falling into radio airwaves precisely in time for fall when ballads swarm playlists. Moreover, Grammy voters have just met their wildest dreams in this enchanting song sure to reach more success for Swift. Nevertheless, I’m still a tad disappointed that a blessing has not appeared in the form of “Out Of The Woods,” which is the best song she has ever written in her career. Even more, back to dreaming in the wild about the love overflowing into the listeners ears from the sizzling vocal. Is this her best single from 1989? Maybe not but to some but it is definitely to secure some Grammy nods come December.

Swift sings: “I can see the end as it begins, my one condition is / Say you’ll remember me” because “Nothing lasts forever.” Sensuality moves inside the vocals due to the very skilful lyrics from Swift. In other words, this song it is like an imagining of a beautiful subtle vision and that is the comfort captured inside the dream. Besides, soaring in a lively voice, takes the song a step above average, guaranteeing a number one record. Further, the sensuous singing offers listeners the most sincere vocal than any single released from 1989, yet. She is utterly burning with passion in hopes to hold reality apart from her perfect daydream.

Producers Max Martin and Shellback compose a dreamy musical sequence built to parade all over Top 40 playlists until it is her fifth number hit from 1989. As if anything released at this point would flop with her improved and dominant presence on pop radio. Swift heart pounds in the music as she anticipates if her guy answers her request of; “Say you’ll remember me,” ferociously leaving listeners something distinctive inside this breathy beautiful tune. Further, finally meeting the man of her dreams is what makes everything intriguing in the verses even more upright than the basic hook itself.

As a single, expect this beautiful song to rise forcefully to that number one spot without much dismay. Swift presently is the poster child for Top 40, sorry Katy Perry, maybe it is time to make the world remember “I Kissed A Girl.” As a result, Perry’s once-untouchable record for the most number one hits from one album is likely looking for Taylor Swift to break that record. Nevertheless, “Out Of The Woods” deserves its time to enhance its presence upon the world.

Grade: 83 = B

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