Single Review : Ciara is looking for respect on lead single “I Bet”


CedricCed | January 14, 2015

“I Bet,” is instantly an R&B classic, possibly one of Ciara’s best single since 2006’s classic “Promise.” Undoubtedly, once the chorus hits, “I bet you start loving me / Soon as I start loving / Someone else / Someone better than you,” repeated listens will happen willingly. It is original R&B about heartbreak including a roaring chorus, missing severely from urban radio formats. Maybe with the song’s multi-format appeal, it can undoubtedly cross over to rhythmic and pop radio and ignite things off to a fresh start in 2015, in preparation for her sixth studio album, Jackie.

The last album had two hits, urban smash “Body Party” and a moderate hit “I’m Out.” Another two records screamed for release from the previous album: “Sophomore” and “Super Turnt Up.” Harmony Samuel’s composed a song that would gracefully rise to the top, easily back in 2005, but in 2015, it is just what the doctor ordered to heal the ears of this generation.

Party on the body is off-limits this time, the Atlanta native prepares for someone worthy of her love. Ciara is feeling disrespected, “I wasn’t born yesterday / Not me / Cant get that over me / Not me,” and will not continue down this path. In addition, the subject of the song is an experience, many people deal with on the daily.

One of the significant elements that give to the single’s success is the superb melody, during the assertive verse. Ciara is relatable, most noticeably in the first verse,”Is that your bitch over / Giving me the ugly stare / The one with the silicon ass / And / The Brazilian hair.” It is the sure edge of the seat entertainment, hearing her belt out such a heartfelt vocal, apparently pulled from personal relations.

In closing, Ciara is back and ready to fight in the competitive market with ballad “I Bet,” sure to smash on all radio formats. It is amusingly beautiful with a melody that will often visit. One thing about Ciara, her choices single are for the most part pretty consistent in terms of quality in her 11-year career. Anticipation for the new album is now fixed for an all-time high after this monster smash is available on Itunes on January 21, 2015. Until the second single drops, in time for the summer, take the song’s message to heart: appreciate the ones in our lives while they still are in arm’s length.

Grade: 85 = B+

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