Single Review: BIA is allergic to broke sh-t on, “Whole Lotta Money” (Remix) feat. Nicki Minaj – CedricCed

Image credit: Epic Records

BIA is allergic to “broke sh-t” after living that lifestyle and is more enhanced in Beverly Hills placing on “jewelry just to go to the bodega” on the sure-fire chart-topper, “Whole Lotta Money Remix” feat. Nicki Minaj from the EP, For Certain was made available on December 11, 2020. Epic Records is looking for a return on investment, enlisting a luxurious shopping spree with Grammy-nominated rapper Nicki Minaj on the remix that I’m sure charges the label over 500K for the verse, but let’s keep, eyes wide shut. Back to the music, the album version without assistance from an already established rapper is much more worth listeners’ time; no dramatic fabricated antics from Minaj existed until the remix.

If Epic records focused solely on pushing the song’s album version, it would benefit BIA fans further securely into the future because, honestly, it is a more solid record with the artist solely. It is not a good look for a new artist to associate with a struggling female rapper Minaj without any top-five solo record in over six years or more on the Billboard Top 100. Still, it is willing to prey on new female rappers to secure a feature at this position in a feeble career to remain prevalent over the song’s musicality. Honestly, that never mattered to the “Starship,” guest for the entire duration of the rapper’s career.

In closing, BIA is future-proof in the rap game if she succeeds in sustaining the momentum reached from the feature with Minaj. It is as comfortable as watching a favorite Netflix series return after three years missing in action for any male or female rapper to flow on a beat to the theme of money, jewels, and material worth. The newcomer to the rap game is immensely talented and shows more evidence on the EP’s as other songs resonate regardless of the topic, unlike many other female rappers who only discuss; thot shenanigans. Hopefully, BIA can convince the American public to stream other songs because the record label is sure to study the data to decide if this rapper is worth a “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY.”

CedricCed: 83 B

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