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Image credit: Atlantic Records

Grammy-winning artists Lizzo and Cardi B acknowledge enemies, spectators, and gossip blogs in a Ricky Reed-produced song, “Rumors,” which is favorable enough to serve the world as the first single from an anticipated Fall 2021 third studio album compliments of label NRC/ Atlantic Records.

Lizzo withstood the slander from blogs unhesitantly writing a verse, parading that beloved fearless demeanor into the streets with no humiliation, which serves this song to celebrate self-love unmindful of how people react. In the first verse, it is undeniable: “If you thought that I was ratchet with my ass hanging out/ Just wait unitl the summer when they let me out the house, bi—.”

Cardi B verse renders cleverness aplenty; “A lie in a language I can’t even read, the f–k do this mean?,” and ” Look, Im a Bronx b—h with some pop hits/ Used to pop off when pop shit/ But im calmed down and Im lock in.” All the rumors are true; Lizzo is conjuring another number one hit.

Producer Ricky Reed also happened to produce Lizzo’s first No.1 hit on Billboard Hot 100, “Truth Hurts,” which spent seven weeks atop of the charts.
On the newest song,” Rumors,” the horns, trumpet saxophones steal the show in such faultless heed infused from the soul of Lizzo, “Sick of rumors, ooh / But haters do what they do, uh. / Haters do what they do.”

As a single, “Rumors,” is a song of determination to remain focused amid slander in the name of spreading untruths for clickbait. The message is self-evident and satisfies the characters with more news to speculate on during months to come. In a matter of weeks, expect the chatter to spread this song into a chart-topper on the Billboard. As Don Henley sings in the classic song, “Dirty Laundry,” “People love it/ When you lose/ They love dirty laundry.”

CedricCed: 84 B

Lizzo’s “Rumors” feat. Cardi B is OUT NOW!

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