Performance Review: J.Cole brings freedom in riveting ‘Be Free’ performance

CedricCed|December 11, 2014

J.Cole pays a visit to Late Show With Letterman to raise awareness, not for new album Forest Hills Drive, but for all the pain in society through a riveting, moving song titled “Be Free.” Instead of rapping to new single “Apparently,” he performs a song about Ferguson and comes up with the best performance of his career. Letterman even looked shocked and touched saying, “Omg Omg, you know what I mean” at end of the performance. It is the most powerful performances ever caught on live television since Mary J.Blige’s “No More Drama” performance at the 2002 Grammy Awards.

In a black hoodie with a message stamped across for the world to see, F.$.S.L.= Fuck Money Show Love, This young emcee is the voice of the people. The opening words will suck everyone right in, “And I’m in denial, and it don’t take an X-ray to right through my smile.” The passion in this song had America torn up, especially the most reliable relatable line “Every time step outside I see my people die,” on his way to becoming the voice of his generation.

Hip-hop began, with an urgency about the plight of the people. Hip-hop is so powerful, and that is why record labels have hired these sweet tooth rappers today. Record labels do not want people mobilizing behind a powerful, positive message, but artists like Cole are a blessing to the people. A performance that evokes so many emotions it stays in our soul even after viewing. J.Cole is making real hip-hop and taking America by storm.

Grade: 100= A+

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