Single Review: Madonna delivers an uplifting song for right now in “Living For Love”

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CedricCed| December 20, 2014

Madonna’s heart has been broken down, and it is time to be lifted with single, “Living for Love,” from upcoming album Rebel Heart. This dancefloor ready record is leaps and bounds better than anything from the 2012 misfire that is MDNA. Furthermore, this deserves to be Number One on Itunes for months because of its uplifting message of love.

“Living For Love,” is a signature Madonna record, very stylish on its own merits, but reminiscent of trendsetting “Vogue” and “Like a Prayer.” Although, at this point it sounds like a rehash of Lady Gaga’s hit single “Born This Way,” the monarch of pop is having fun sending strength regardless.

Soaked with its uplifting lyrics “I could get caught up in bitterness/ But I’m not dwelling on this crazy mess/ I found freedom in the ugly truth,” will certainly satisfy Madonna fans. The words to the music are compelling and rather uplifting, but the voice delivery is almost quiet.

Her voice sounds rather processed, to say the least, in some aspects. For instance, during the second verse, her voice is over fixed. In defense, everything else makes up for the diminishing vocal performance. Besides, the hook will instantly, start a purge on the dancefloor “Living for love/ I’m living for love/ I’m not giving up/ I’m gonna carry on.”

Producer Diplo prepares for the finals: Madonna, the pop legend. Exposing a great versatility as a producer, just give 2014 credits, “Sweet Talker” by Jessie J and “X” from Chris Brown, a listen. Diplo provides a compelling arrangement. Primarily, the musical elements are dated but pretty sure; Madonna has it her way.

Aside, from the vocal presentation on “Living For Love,” the superstar’s presence is still evoking a power, only fit for the innovator herself. Madonna provides each word with an emotive essence of perseverance. If guards are down, this song will encourage the belief in love again. Wait, for the exciting ending of ad-libs from the awesome background vocalists to bring it all home.

Madonna holds a remarkable ability to readjust to the ever-changing sounds and trends in music entertainment. The consistent pop legend always has a plan B. In the midst, of the unwarranted leak, she replaces the frustration with an outstanding song needed for the universe and all of its misfortunes recently.

Grade: 87= B+

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