Single Review: Dawn Richard is dripping sweat on the summer smash “Jacuzzi”- CedricCed

Image Credit: Merger Records

Dawn Richard is invading the music industry, “blowing full speed,” in the form of a meteorite named: “Jacuzzi,” — a tune that is preordained to “blow the roof off,” as the vocals rise the temperature “hotter than a sauna,” or any song released in summer of 21.’ The hottest thing cooking on the grill arrives from the sixth studio album, Second Line, to free the world from “borderline dreaming” and teleport the whole world to a distinctive dimension that is not anything to miss.

With the beautiful vocals currently snatching all my hair out from the “dripping” heat, the singer who wrote “Jacuzzi,” solely herself encourages listeners to come closer to the singer, unlike anything ever released to the public as a solo artist. Indeed, the commercial appeal of the song is flip a table unbelievable. The chorus is a delightful catchy imaginative masterpiece, “So won’t you drip like/ Feel me, sweaty/ Got you blowing full speed/ Hot like a Jacuzzi.”

The producer, lla Orbis, is masterful on the production soundboard teleporting to a futuristic New Orleans island neighboring Jamaica as the spaceships crash-land on earth to execute an innovative quality. Moreover, in an industry known for recycling the producers for top artists, it is refreshing to discover a producer that appreciates the significance of formulating unique music to create individuality.

As a single, it is “Hotter than a summer on a lake in the south.” Expectedly, The chorus, vocals, production, and lyrics spark the fire that burned the house down, erasing any evidence of any other song generating any burning sensation in the summer of 2021. Let’s stream, share and spread the word on the streets about the invasion of Dawn Richard.

CedricCed : 94 A

“Second Line”, on Merge Records.

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