Jeezy proclaims his divine power on “GOD” : Single Review- CedricCed

jeezy-godJeezy preaches to the congregation, “I’m a GOD in the hood n—-” on his first sermon “GOD” from untitled sixth studio album due via Def Jam on November 13, 2015. Notably, this is his most controversial single release to date. Most compelling evidence, the Snowman is in the hood where admiration and power come naturally, like an episode of Fox’s Empire showing doubters his otherworldly influence in the trap paired ideally, inside a musical landscape. As a result, an “On Fleek” supernatural production executes prominently in the background for Pastor Young to ordain prominently to his Street Disciples. Although, this song arrives as a shock to fans, the inner Jeezy is still present and realer than ever before.

Inside the first verse, a cleverly planned sermon, resonates; “Chopper make a nigga jump a 10 foot wall / Avian and gold bottles, this is hood royalty / No matter how broke, how rich / N—-, never ever compromise your loyalty.” For this reason, Jeezy is seeing all when it comes to the hood, and he can offer essentials to survive and more if elected as a member of the congregation. Therefore, Jeezy never descends in character and authenticity, so with that being said; expect to hear this on every Urban radio station in the country.

Producers, Southside On The Track & TM88, compose a sharp mysterious 808′ punch following an aggressive sound of sirens to elevate the message. The song develops portly and intensifies as each verse advances and with that it shows a very accomplished premeditated relish from the producing team. Because, the production is trite, the arrangement provokes exult from radio DJ’s, naturally.

As a single, the hook is overly repetitive, but there is no doubt about it never count Jeezy out because he’ll come out truer than the rest on your ass. So befitting, Pastor Young just saved the hood with this truly signature “Jeezy” record. Accordingly, one can only anticipate intense curiosity in the uncertainty of what’s in store for the next sermon. For now let us testify about the goodness of Young Jeezy because seventh studio album is giving “The Recession” type form of overtones of social issues in the black community.

Grade: 84 = B

Jeezy – GOD (Audio) (Explicit)

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