AMA Performance: Mary J. Blige- “Therapy”

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Image credit.

CedricCed| November 24, 2014

Mary J. Blige brought the house down at the American Music Awards last night. Her second single “Therapy” will do for Mary what “Back To Black” did for Amy Winehouse. Everything about this performance was solid! Incredible how she had the intro loop a few times as she strutted up slowly to her mic to lay down some soulful vocals. Moreover, she was looking good rocking that black. Her voice sounded in top tier shape bringing with her the best performance of the night! Bow down to the Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul.The London Session is in stores December 2, 2014!

2 thoughts on “AMA Performance: Mary J. Blige- “Therapy”

  1. I am sure Mary J. Blige turned it out because that is what you do is watch the AMA. Hate I missed it. Keep up the Good Work!!!

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