Performance Review: Tamar Braxton- ‘Let Me Know’ For Sisters Only

Tamar Braxton is giving her all in this LIVE performance of “Let Me Know” but vocally it is a struggle to hit certain notes and WHISTLES as heard on the recorded version of the single. Pitch wise she sounded frustrated, leading to trouble when time permitted to sustain notes. At least, she did not lip sync until the whistle.
Aside from the singing, get rid of the dancers such a distraction on a slow R&B track; entirely unnecessary. The voice is essentially the reason people are at a Tamar Braxton not the mediocre dancing. Tamar should know it is a necessity to focus attentively with breath control during a performance. Better luck next performance!

Grade: 74= C-

12 thoughts on “Performance Review: Tamar Braxton- ‘Let Me Know’ For Sisters Only

  1. No one is ever perfect but she did her best and it was good to me so….I’m going to say beat, beat, beat! Yas she did that! No amount of negativity will tear her down!!!!

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    1. First off, Im a Tamar fan and hoped the performance would redeem the bland first single but it I was left disappointed overall. Hopefully, the next performance will sell the song.


  2. Well she did real good for someone who’s earpiece wasn’t working nor would stay in throughout the performance. You can see from the very beginning that she was having trouble with it, and at the end it’s still hanging.


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