Neighborhood Sessions Review: Jennifer Lopez returns home at last

CedricCed | February 16, 2015

Jennifer Lopez felt the love at home during the Neighborhood Watch Sessions in the Bronx, The set list edited for Tv, appeared spotty, to say the least about the awesome performer that is; Jennifer Lopez. The background of the State Farm Neighborhood Sessions is all about giving back to the neighborhood from which Lopez grew up in her childhood. It is a phenomenal concept but did not translate adequately in a one-hour long documentary. A 90-minute show would have given more aid to the story and the performances

“Get Right,” the first performance of the night, started things off with an incredible energetic dance routine, making matters even more impeccable. Anytime Lopez does the oldie, but goodie track it always gets the job done of making the crowd go bananas. The swagger throughout is exceptional and takes the crown for best performance of the night.

Next, the chart-topper “Dance Again” shows the queen shortly due to the choppy editing, limits the audience, from any genuine excitement of seeing, the lover of dance, really get down into a dance frenzy, on the uptempo record. Lopez was almost moved to tears, hearing the crowd sing along, knowing every word. Truly, one of the best moments of the documentary.

Lopez gives a brief performance of “Let’s Get Loud,” giving insight into the lyrics behind the music. One day Lopez explained to her mother, “I’m going to drop out school” and live “my life.” In another scene, the mother goes further adding “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.” Lopez chased her dream in spite of her Mother’s lack of support, during that period in her life.

Ja Rule and Lopez went back to the streets with the number one smash hit “I’m Real.” The crowd erupted into a frenzy when the beat dropped and Rule appeared, it was simply, magic. Nevertheless, the Jennifer Lopez and Fat Joe performance was not aired on television but it would have been delightful to behold.

As a whole, for those looking to see a concert of the biggest hits from the Bronx native should look elsewhere but if open to seeing her story in the heart of its journey, join in on the introspective trip down memory lane.

Grade: 81: B

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