Single Review: Gwen Stefani is tasting new energy on “Let Me Reintroduce Myself”

Gwen Stefani
Photo credit : Interscope Records

Gwen Stefani, the epitome of the word “cool,” is on the scene to invoke the world to recognize that the “original old me,” however, is living and never differed on the first single, “Let Me Reintroduce Myself.” This rewarding single of lively servings is designed to take over the Billboard charts in the upcoming weeks. It serves as the first single from UMGRI Interscope’s forthcoming untitled fifth solo LP in stores sometime this the first quarter of 2021. While this is clearly a reggae influenced single, it’s a pretty clever subversion of the common themes present in this type of song. In the proper time, foresee the single creating newfound pleasure in the career of Stefani. 

Vocalized delivery performance from Stefani creatively elevates the song into a classic ska roots record, which builds energy for the upcoming album. Further, an artistic approach to recycling “Homegrown ingredients,” which in restoring convinces audiences, “Thats what made you mess with me,” on the track is an appealing advancement, sure to grab the eye of brand-new fans. One thing is for sure; The “Hollaback Girl,” is ensuring that “I’m not records on your shelf,” also prompts actions closer to a successful hit single. 

Producer and Co-writer Luke Niccoli composed a gratifying musical atmosphere for Stefani to give “new energy” to an audience that may not know of Gwen Stefani, but after hearing this prize, the latest and more experienced followers alike shall remain smiling while seeing “In color like new crayons.”

In closing, As a single, “get focused/ put your glasses on,” Gwen Stefania is combat-ready to prevail as the pop Queen messiah. Dare any pop singer to counter this record with anything remotely close to the universal appeal. In a matter of weeks, watch this song become the biggest hit of Stefani’s career since “Hollaback Girl.” 

Grade: 87 B+

Listen now to “Let Me Reintroduce Myself”:

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