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CedricCed | Novemebr 12, 2015

Missy Elliot stops the world with the heavyweight winner “WTF(Where They From)” the first single from the forthcoming studio album via Atlantic. Elliot embedded interest by staying true to her artistry. This song is an early Christmas gift for loyal, authentic fans of albums, Missy E…So Addictive, and Under Construction. Surely, it is a satisfying experience to hear Elliot comforting an upsurge in interest. To point out, “WTF(Where They From)” is her first single in three years, since the songs: “Triple Threat” and “9th Inning.” In time, this single will become an even better success than last song with Pharrell Williams, “On & On.”

Elliot is wide-awake and more clever than ever in wordplay. It’s expressly obvious during her verse, “Ya’ll still sleep, better stay awakened/ Hot new dance for the hood to make it/ Make the dope move fast, make them think you drinkin.'” Williams also comes to elegantly rhyme like ever before. Williams best moment: “False, oh-Nah-Nah-Nah/ I am so different than y’all/ So far apart/ The way that I balance the bars/ I never fall/ And if I do I just call/ The almighty yellow star, God.” The verses, production, and chorus each bring something memorable to the track, elevating the longevity.

Pharrell Williams composes a sound scape that is more impressive than 2005 effort “On & On.” The production by Williams is beyond any earthly comprehension. Williams provides a remarkable delivery lyrically, but Elliot receives the highest honor for growing even more impressive than ten years ago. But the hook does this song even further authority; “The dance you doing is dumb/ How they do where you from/ Stickin’ out your tongue girl/ But you know you’re too young.” Pronto, the chorus, delivers that old school Elliot whip appeal that stays long after visiting.

As a single, it’s an immediate impact, set to transport audiences into the mind of a creative musical legend. The first single from Elliot in three years is an instant classic and that alone should support interest until the next song surfaces in winter 2016. DJ’s across the world will fall under the spell of with this hip-hop record. It is modern, fresh, and suitable for spins on Top 40 and Urban alike. I don’t think Missy understands how much she just changed music, again.The future of music looks bright again.

Grade: 92= A

Missy Elliott’s new single “WTF (Where They From)” ft. Pharrell Williams available now!

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