Single Review: Chris Brown is drunk in lust on “Liquor”

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CedricCed | June 30, 2015

“What did you slip up in my cup girl / Cuz I want you,” Chris Brown questions on single, “Liquor,” falling drunker until her body is a slow, mellow spread. Brown ensures his catalog of hits grows longer here sounding reinvigorated and renewed for his upcoming seventh album that is celebrating ten years since the release of self-titled début album Chris Brown issued on November 29, 2005. Embellishing the song with such a meaningful freaky while tamed lyrics shows his mature on this record. Producers merely mirror the words, creating excellent a soundtrack for baby making sessions two and for the record it works exceptionally.“Liquor” maybe the best single from Breezy in ages, nothing remotely degrading to woman this time around. Some might argue, but he is giving high-pitched perfection and harmony heaven. The message is clear, and that is that Brown desires are to “Drink and f—-,” he croons on the hook. Undoubtedly, breezy is preparing his next project after last project failed to launch on arrival but still managed a pretty huge hit in “Loyal.” Nevertheless, the fight is not finished because this is a slow panty dropper for the women and his R&B fans who love that ratchet urban music.

Brown, vocally sounds exceptional and certainly that is no surprise, but it’s the magnetic harmonies famously appreciated for creating memorable magic to remember. In another latitude, vocally, an influential visit from Famous Breezy, is alive and ready to flourish. Brown’s voice leads, during the chorus, “There’s something in this liquor / The air is getting thicker / All I want is you.” Inside the melodic hook is the music that makes an enduring impression upon listeners. Furthermore, the production provided for the vocal on “Liquor” is a sound piece of the atmosphere of lust and drunken want.

In the end, this song, will move swiftly up the Urban playlists and probably end with a result of the most added of the week. Brown consistently gives music to keep the radio fresh and now for a younger generation. Of course, Brown has the most loyal fans of any African American artist under 30 in the music business. Honestly, after the disappointing sales of X, Brown appears in focused clarity to deliver some musical artistic foundation back into his music like on the best-selling album Exclusive.

RADIO Hit Factor: 95%

Itunes SALE Factor: 77%

MUSICALITY Factor: 80%

CHORUS Factor: 83%

CREATIVITY Factor: 76%

Overall: 82

Chris Brown “Liquor” Available Now!


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