Monica falls deep on first single “Just Right For Me”

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CedricCed | June 29, 2015

Monica “can’t control,” her feelings because “It’s just right for me,” and ” I don’t care about your past,” on first single “Just Right For Me,” the contemporary urban bass ballad from the eighth studio album, Code Red. This year is her celebrating a 20-year anniversary of when it all began with the début album, Miss Thang in July 18,1995. Last album New Life released in 2012, included decent sized hit but bonafide classic, “Until It’s Gone,” and the well-received duet with Brandy entitled “It All Belongs To Me.” Her latest song is going so far, eager to rule urban playlists all season, soaked and ready to splash into the speakers. It features one of the biggest rappers Lil Wayne with an abnormally fantastic verse that suits the theme of the record with his notoriously zany charisma.

Miss Thang sings: “Can’t nobody take me from my baby” because “We’re meant to be together through the times.” Her voice is dynamically compelling and ensures another classic addition to her résumé. Admittedly, Lil Wayne might throw some fans on the defense initially but trust, after hearing, “Got Monica on my playlist and she on my bae list / But / since, I got a situation / I use imagination.” Likewise, flying in vibrant voice, her stance, takes the song above average, promising guaranteed number one status.

Atlanta producer, Polow Da Don lays down the bass effortlessly yet fusing in some authentic R&b blues like only a legend could. Monica gives the lyrics from songwriter Jo’zzy, a perfect vocal with the precise amount of urban flavor reminding only of songs from the very successful album After The Storm. Not to mention, a bass jumps supremely within the vocal ideally enhancing the song’s melody and chorus. Further, the composition is the perfect sidekick to the efforts of masterwork for heightened success.

As a single, the summer airwaves blazes due in part to this sizzling firecracker popping all kinds of musical prominence into the ears of listeners and fans alike. Of course, this song, could dominate like a dominatrix with the soothing background vocals contribution of old-school blues jumping in the heavy bass that vibrates with a sunny smile for commercial airplay. Typically, Lil Wayne ride along on the song comes across beneficial but not necessarily needed for radio airplay but certainly cannot hurt its mass appeal. Foreseeing this tune rising steadily into the early Fall months on the charts. This song is just right for a lead single during the summer months, very smart decision.

Grade: 85= B+

Monica “Just Right For Me” feat. Lil Wayne available now!



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