Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez crave revenge in ‘Lila & Eve’

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CedricCed | June 10, 2015

Co-stars of Steven Soderbergh’s 1998 film Out of Sight,’  Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez reunite, seventeen years later in Charles Stone III’s revenge thriller Lila & Eve. Due to the word of mouth from its Sundance Film Festival première in January 2015, Samuel Goldwyn Films acquired the film for release in North America during February 2015. Two grieving mothers bond on avenging the murderer of their children due to a heinous drive-by shooting incident. Even further absurd, after their loss, law enforcement provide worthless service, eventually, leaving them no other choice but to take the law into their hands. Witness the retribution on the big screen July 17, 2015 but for now watch the entertaining trailer in anticipation


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