Single Review: Madonna entertains for tonight on “Bitch I’m Madonna”

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CedricCed | June 10, 2015

Madonna, “Wanna have fun tonight,” after “Living For Love,” and surviving “Ghost Town,” she prepares to slaughter the bass on “B—- I’m Madonna.” The third contribution from thirteenth album ‘Rebel Heart,’ accelerates to the rooftop with Nicki Minaj eager to “Get freaky if you want.” She encourages for mayhem, “We Go Hard or We Go Home / We gon do this all night long” in one of her most exciting uptempo, booty shakers in years. Not to mention, the active track represents the excitement a dance record creates in the club that makes them dance all night long. Madonna immediately snatches back her claim to fame on the Pop radio in a matter weeks.

Producer, Diplo, composes a pop bass destination where there is dancing, twerking and voguing, only. The Queen of Pop performs her most aggressive singles in years. In a state of excitability, the song joins whoever in the honor of dancing, agree to: “Blow up this house tonight.” Also, a mid-summer urban remix featuring Chris Brown and J.Cole would stun, shock and totally entertain, just in time for MTV Video Music Awards.

Positively in superior mode, her presence in this song drops this track into dance hall acclaim with a quality not present from Madonna in ages. Likewise, Minaj, blows remarkable dragon fire: “It’s that bottle service all night / It’s that pop and urban just right / It’s that “go hard or go home” zone.” The third time strikes home base indicating the most favorable single for the team.

As a single, it is the best thing for Madonna at this point in the album with the lukewarm reception, earlier singles from Rebel Heart received at Pop radio. Furthermore, the singles presented her best efforts in over five years. It’s fun, charming, and modern acceptable, attracting hopefully in some Top 40 appreciation. Her naughty way here correlates the song’s title in a direction for the song to promote the song’s expected potential into the ceiling. Hold up, it’s time for an unbelievable night on the town “bossed up,” with the bad b—-, Madonna.

Grade: 82 = B

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