Single Review: Maroon 5 plays with the heat on “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Mother*****

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Maroon 5, swears this girl “Has to have it all,” on happy-go-lucky single “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Mother*****,” from re-issue of fifth album V released in May 2015. This smash hit arrives built to last during the summer months and let me tell you, the song hits the pool with a watery splash for eager pop radio stations. As expected, massively successful group Maroon 5 continue to strive and progress towards another number hit single before the summer comes to a close.

Adam Levine is feeling the heat from the beautiful stranger, “Her body’s hot / Her body’s like the summer / I’m in a trance or something,”  he sings in a convincing vocal. Singer Levine describes her luxurious taste; ,“So expensive when she eats / Cause she’s so fancy / I see her when I go to sleep / I check my phone when I am weak.” Of course, the charismatic vocalist that is Levin leads the character as a guy completely and utterly enticed from this “popular” woman who in the end will break his heart into shambles.

Producer, Shellback, composes a pop pleasure soundstage with massive dance pop synths. Maroon 5 accomplishes another memorable musical endeavor, and it’s in part due to the producer fresh off her number one hit “Bad Blood,” from singer/songwriter, Taylor Swift. Additionally, the dance-friendly composition enhances the song’s raunchy guilty entertainment. Also, the contemporary production is a tender bbq recipe, guaranteed for success. In agreement with the electric pop-rock production, a profane chorus, is wicked fun: “This summer’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker, Fucker / This summer’s gonna hurt like a motherf–ker, Fucker.”

As a single, the group abandons the commercial PG-rated attitude and race for the finish line to win the title for best pop record of summer 2015. Of course, Top 40 radio plan to spin this until the next single drops eventually, pushing this to number one status. Levine vocals slide into the forefront smoother than a buttermilk biscuit, reminding fans of ‘Songs About Jane‘ era with the expressed vocal frankness. The song opens the summer with an anthem for the fellas that is suggestive enough for the women to dance excitedly in the clubs. Lock and loaded this song is enthusiastic to hurry up the charts, where it belongs. This anthem packs a significant tidal wave made possible by the incredible talents of the group, Maroon 5. You’ve heard the warning: “This Summers Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf–cker.”

Grade: 85= B+

New single available now on iTunes:

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