Single Review: A$AP Rocky drinks quality wine on “Everyday”


CedricCed | May 12, 2015

A$AP Rocky spends his time “drinking wine, feeling fine,” on congested single “Everyday,” with guests Rod Stewart, Miguel, and Mark Ronson. The first peace-offering from highly anticipated second album At.Long.Last.A$AP is coming June 2 via ASAP Worldwide / RCA. “Everyday,” composed and arranged by Mark Ronson whose other notable credit include Amy Winehouse’s enormous hit “Rehab.” This song is catchy but seemed overly jammed with Stewart, Miguel, but the hook is the redeeming quality. Honestly, Stewart and Rocky on the record together would have given much more of a fulfilling musical experience, Miguel added nothing notable to the record besides singing on a hook Stewart sounds much more vocally compelling inside.

A$AP Rocky expresses his pain: “Off again did he go / To another dimension my mind / Body, soul imprisoned my eye / Probably going ballistic but listen / I’m missing a couple of screws / They ain’t never do dreaming true, you been sipping away at the truth.” It’s hard to the resist the bait to drink life’s problems away but like Rocky, it’s a concept and ideal tradition many Americans spend their time to numb the pain. His hauntingly self-reflective verse is an imminent mind-blowing substance that immediately catches the listener’s hidden wound on the inside. In harmony with the dazzling production, a divine hook, resides, “So everyday I spend my time / Drinking wine, feeling fine / waiting here to find the sign / that I should take it slow.”

Producer, Mark Ronson, composes a church sound piece with heavy bass for the street engines and promising an atmosphere of forgiveness. A$AP Rocky accomplishes his most accomplished single of his career in the process. Additionally, the eerie composition ideally intensifies the song’s melody. Also, the mellowness of the record sound like the perfect ingredients for massive airplay.

As a single, the rapper abandons to give something changed on this sophomore first single but instead shows up again with a crowded guest list just like his last lead single, “F****** Problems.” Rocky is trying to revolutionize rap and by him just working with Rod Stewart shows his drive and musical integrity to stand out from the wold pack. The song sets the mood for heading to the bar and drinking away the pain that is sometime to hard to swim in sober. He is packing a major heat wave here making temperatures surge in excitement! In a respectful time, this song will feel the fruits of the musical adventure pay off in huge way. Just hope that on the next single it features only  rapper, A$AP Rocky.

Grade: 84 = B


One thought on “Single Review: A$AP Rocky drinks quality wine on “Everyday”

  1. I’ll say it again, I am stoked to know about your site. There’s no way (without MUCH digging) that I could hear music so very different that found me when I was younger!

    Also, your analytical voice is such a breath of fresh air. There are so many writers out there that associate Judgment with Critique. You don’t and I find that awesome. Many writers don’t know how to hear/look at music in 3D, they just are carried away by ALL THE FEELS.

    And hey, maybe some are lazy and/or are SO in love with their own clever voice they’re rather listen to *that*.*

    As opposed to, you know, paying at least a MODICUM of respect to another person’s passion. Thank you!

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