Single Review: Taylor Swift is bleeding heartache on “Bad Blood”

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CedricCed | May 8, 2015

Taylor Swift comes back to the pop realm again, giving Katy Perry, a run for her money, on the foot-stomping anthem “Bad Blood,” the fourth single from the hugely successful album 1989. As one of the least favorite songs from the track list it is an acceptable extremely safe route with no sign of uniqueness but, “Taylor Gang,” suited to pop up the charts, fastly. Listen, closely and you might just think of the female pop artist, Avril Lavigne.

Swift is in search of someone’s blood in retaliation to devastation, “Cause baby now / we got problems / you know it used to be mad love.” In a heartbroken state, she sings, introspectively; “Did you have to do this? / I was thinking that you could be trusted / Did you have to ruin what was shining?” It burned her tragically so much that she could not breathe from the fatal hit, “Did you have to hit me / Where I’m weak / Baby, I couldn’t breathe.” Swift’s vocal delivery is impressive also, persuading favorably by operating her sardonic cleverness inside the lyrics, which leads the song into the above average rank.

Memories of the betrayal run rampant unkempt from a bandage,”Still got scars on my back from your knife.” Moreover, as time passes, open scars prevails; “These kinds of wounds, they last, and they last.” Eventually, her redeeming hope survives inside the eternally righteous karma, “Now did you / Think it all through / All these things will catch / up to you.” And don’t ever walk this way again, “Time can heal / But / This won’t / So, if you’re coming my way / don’t.”

The hole in her heart is from a bullet hole straight to the heart, “Bandaids don’t fix bullet holes.” Unable for restoration at this moment because; “You say sorry / Just for show,” never thinking of the painful blow transpiring inside the fragile heart of trusting love. Once a trust shatters all bets are off, the chorus anchors in; “Baby now we got bad blood / Take at look at what you’ve done,” you’re no longer welcome.

Shellback, the producer on “BB,” blends natural sync pops masterfully inside a pulsating beat. Taylor Swift’s, number one hit singles “Shake It Off,” and “Blank Space,” also come from the songwriter/producer. To the eye, it looks like Swift may have found the go-to music producer for massive airplay on Top 40. Surely, another number one hit is not far from her grasp, continuing the trend so far from 1989. Additionally, the brand-new single receives a huge platform at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards on May 17, 2015 where she performs it live in front of millions for the first time.

As a single, of course, a quick rise is simple provided current chart success this era. It is a safe bet for another hit but is it useful in drawing more attention to the album? After hearing singles like this already with “Blank Space” about her retreating to go berserk on a former ex maybe the public deserves more superior material from 1989, at this point. But, for now dwell in a comfort place in of contemporary “Bad Blood.”

Grade: 83 = B

Taylor’s new release “Bad Blood” is Available Now on iTunes

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