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CedricCed | May 4, 2015

Winter 2015 demonstrated some quality entertainment in Movies, Music & TV. Kendrick Lamar released his funky hip-hop classic “To Pimp A Butterfly.” Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood stunned audiences across the world with American Sniper. Taraji P. Henson showed America that Cookie Lyon from Fox’s Empire is here to stay. Jennifer Lopez tested some young blood in The Boy Next Door. Estelle survived her darkest hours on “Conqueror.” As anticipated, some entertainment paled in comparison; Will Smith and Focus hit the screens with lukewarm reception; Taken 3 certified too dull senses, and Chappie was no match for District 9. Let’s dig a profound grave into Winter’s embrace and see how cold the talent froze!


Let’s face the music, this album is sickening—I’d rather listen to “King Kunta” all day. ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ is a masterfully constructed piece of art, surely worthy of every accolade headed into its direction for next year. This album, Kendrick does revolutionary things. Mixing jazz with funk and hints of the soul but all rooting it in hip hop. If you’re a heavy listener of funk and jazz, and aware of its culture, sonically, this album lays to rest so many albums in terms of production. Lyrically, it’s incredible what he creates. Only Kendrick Lamar can do it. Incredibly dense intellectual lines and emotion.

On Fleek Factor: 100 %


My eyes have seen triumphant in 2015 and that is the unbelievable force inside compelling “Glory,” that will leave you in a river of tears. In part due to the powerful message but because the music still lives and inspires a nation to change. “Glory”  is the most important song in a decade. John Legend and hip-hop legend Common stand in a unified front bringing a positive outlook for the future.

On Fleek Factor: 100 %


Jill Scott evokes emotion and extraordinary intensity inside the song, “You Don’t Know,” other R&B divas should head to the drawing board for next singles. A worthy tour-de-force in the elements necessary in conveying soul and sensation. Also, each invented part of the song from the; vocals, harmony, chorus, and emotion bring complete satisfaction. Thank you, Jill Scott, for the very best song from any female in the music game this year yet.

ON Fleek Factor: 94%


Taraji P. Henson as “Cookie” on Fox’s Empire is a match made in heaven. An Emmy nomination serves her right for the most talked about character in ages. The show surprised coming in swinging on the gate, improving in rating every week until the finale. The great music from the production extraordinary Timbaland, reality tv drama, stellar rising stars; Jussie Smollett and Bryshere Gray, and dynamic performances from Terrance Howard, are all the makings of very entertaining television. Kudos, on the success and please don’t f**** it up.

On Fleek Factor: 93%


Estelle’s beautiful song “Conqueror,” from her latest album True Romance, received a massive lift from duet on Empire with; Jussie Smollett. Nevertheless, when I first heard the song in January at a standstill, confused and without an ability to move forward, this magnetic ballad, helped pull the courage up from the vacation in mid-winter. Refreshing and compelling are the two words that moved through my heart into pulsation.

On Fleek Factor: 92%


Kendrick Lamar touched lyrically on many aspects of the black community on record “The Blacker The Berry.” A song this powerful will provoke, a meaningful and memorable effect, built to last. Production efforts from the phenomenon that is Boi-1da supply the artist, a community built to thrive in the aroma of the song.

On Fleek Factor: 100%

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez brought her A game again in rated ‘R ‘thriller The Boy Next Door taking in $41 million at the box office, since its release in January 2015. Upcoming drama Lila & Eve stars Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez seeking the greatest revenge for untimely deaths. Making matters better, at the Sundance Film Festival held back in January 2015, the film received rave reviews for both actresses. In prompt time, a month later, Samuel Glyn purchased the film for U.S. distribution, for sometime later in 2015. Maybe, a fall release, preferably awards season would seem ideal for such a film to have any chance at nominations or awareness being raised. Lastly, we cannot forget the single “Feel The Light,” from the DreamWorks film ‘Home’ in which she also starred in voicing the character of Tip’s mother. So far, at the box office $153 million dollars at the box office, likely to end around $170-175 million, for sure. And even makes time to aspire and encourage new contestants in the slowly dying reality show American Idol.

On Fleek Factor: 93%


Usher’s voice flows so effortlessly here make one wonder what happen to his essence. Most people don’t appreciate him today because he’s been in the game so long, but the truth is there’s no male singer now with his voice, true R&B. R&B followers will love the vibe of the record, which is very grown and sexy.

On Fleek Factor: 88%


MGK released trap anthem “Till I Die,” at the start of 2015 and it may not have been the lead single, but it remains an exceptional street record. Maybe if it received that needed support to survive in the competitive music game, it would have eventually been the first single. Nevertheless, the song created a significant buzz on the streets of Cleveland.

On Fleek Factor: 84%

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Tamia arrived in mid-winter like a heat wave with “Sandwich And A Soda,” smells like the perfect song to add to the summer playlist while preparing the burgers on the grill and I got two words for you…summer smash. Def Jam is doing a little justice thus far in raising awareness of album Love/Life out June 5, 2015.

On Fleek Factor: 86%

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Chris Brown and Tyga reunite after five years on first single “Ayo,” from the joint album Fan Of Fan. It is catchy enough to hit the replay button continually all through summer 2015. The duo now gears up for the release of second single “Bitches and Marijuana,” out at the end of May.

On Fleek Factor: 84%

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Many of Madonna’s songs have an inspiring and empowering theme and “Living For Love,” reminds me that even if Madonna is provocative, she still has this soft and caring side. I hope she abandons her current sexy image and be an inspirational diva instead. This song is currently helping me breakthrough. Love from her heart leaves listeners indebted into the material making their soul happy and provides spiritual cleansing.

On Fleek Factor: 88%

Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show

Missy Elliot returned at the Superbowl feeding the craving of her fans in the best stage of her career in front of 200 million people. Now where is the single from the album or even a single just to appease the huge platform just presented? Her appearance astonished everyone watching as they saw her on the stage again with her biggest hits “Work It,” and “Lose Control.” Her creatively and uniqueness is never soon forgotten, Elliot is on the same level as say, Michael Jackson, in terms of groundbreaking music videos.

On Fleek Factor: 88%


When you hear the title, American Sniper and are aware of who Chris Kyle is/was, you expect to see something like tense moments, long tedious battles, suspenseful encounters, things that might not dull down the sense of realism the film could hold promise towards. Don’t get me wrong, it has a few solid moments that keep you engaged, but there are just not enough of them to consider it a “really good movie.” The film does have some appeal in regards to the small moments it captures the intensity on the battlefield through a sniper’s scope and might be worth the watch if you can get through how terrible Eastwood saw the films direction/plot/progression through the camera “scope.”

On Fleek Factor: 82%


Paddington has the charm, humor and good intent that our hero made appealing in the five decades of children’s’ books. The filmmakers succeeded in making a film both children and adults can enjoy together. The books come to life with comedic incidents of Paddington getting into muddles but somehow always coming out a winner. Truly, a treasure to marvel at because of its effortless charm of remaining loyal to the books.

On Fleek Factor: 86%


Taken 3 opened with $39 million quite inferior to the $49 million Taken 2 took in just three years earlier. Audiences exited theaters unsatisfied at the conclusion to the trilogy. In the end, it could not even make $100 million at the box office, resulting in a $89 million. The

On Fleek Factor: 65


French Montana’s second single “Bad Bitch,” struggled at urban radio to raise support and further promotion of delayed sophomore album. Hopefully, next single can smash on the radio unlike the first two parts released from the album thus far. Not lyrical at all and for that it loses all steam even if it is a club record.

On Fleek Factor: 62


Will Smith’s latest film “Focus,” continues downward spiral as this lazy heist film opened to $20 million on the star’s name alone, eventually, conjured up $53.8 million domestically. Smith should consider reprising his role in Bad Boys 3 to bring some desired attention to his résumé again. Also, it’s one of his last franchises that would bring in a substantial amount of money at the box office opening weekend. It is now going on 12 years since the release of Bad Boys 2. How much longer must fans wait for a box office hit from Will Smith again?

On Fleek Factor: 65


Audiences said hell no, I’ll pass on what they believed looked like a rehash of 2011’s Real Steel and chose not to pay for this film even if it’s from the director of District 9. In the end, Chappie only made a weak $31 million overall. False advertising played a role in promoting this movie and its downfall, in the end.

On Fleek Factor: 62


Jupiter Ascending is nothing more than a cheesy science fantasy actioner with gorgeous visuals and dull acting from Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. The story is weak, forgettable characters, and the only thing about this movie that isn’t complete crap is the artwork, sound design, and just the overall look of the movie

On Fleek Factor: 59

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