Single Review: Janelle Monáe latest single “Yoga” is the perfect summer smash

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CedricCed | April 23, 2015

Oh my goodness, let me go and play “Yoga,” this monster blockbuster of a smash from the incredibly talented, Janelle Monáe. It serves as the second single from Wonderland Records’ forthcoming EP ‘The Eephus’ in stores sometime this summer. While this is clearly a club joint, it’s a pretty ingenious subversion of the usual themes, present on this type of song. In the proper time, this surely will heat up the airwaves, beaches, clubs, cookouts and parties, coming soon to a summer evolution of yoga. What a turn-up song, meant, to fly high on the charts during summer 2015. Monáe, you can book your summer tour schedule sister, you will be busy performing at the 2015 Bet Awards, Today Show Concert Series, and the Billboard Music Awards. This song is the first summer hit built to last through the scorching months ahead.

Vocal delivery from Monáe, masterfully elevate the song into a class all on its own. Her stance on the track is an appealing development, surely to catch the eye of new fans. This is not the first time Monáe has shown the world her commercial interest, think back to single, ‘Primetime,’ featuring Miguel, which was a decent sized hit on Urban. Furthermore, this song is so refreshing because, Female singers have been basically meaningless on Urban playlists if you are not Nicki Mina or Beyoncé. Rihanna, is even having trouble setting her album R8 off to the proper tune, missing two full years in the music game, seems like career suicide. One thing is for sure; Janelle Monáe is continuing development as an artist and moves her closer to mass appeal. Musical diversity is how you survive in the music industry.

Production here will unquestionably “Make your booty do that yoga,” in the classiest form available. It is so refreshing to hear her turn up, on this rare occasion. Obviously, she has grown tired of people placing her in their box. Besides, it’s just a fun party song, right on time for summer on the beach. The production screams for instant adds on urban and rhythmic for the contemporary music.

As a single, watch out, Janelle Monáe, “Got one eye open,” and she is planning to wreak havoc on the radio this summer. Monáe is once again surprising those naysayers and presenting something hotter than say the dull “Drunk In Love.” After hearing this record, who is Beyonce again? Remind me, because this is how you do a club smash and make it meaningfully memorable, five years from now. Dare any chick to counter this jam with something even half as blazing hot for summer’s flame. In a matter of weeks, this song will take the crown for the most successful single of her career yet.  Go “Flex” that bum bum and “Dance all night.”

Grade: 88 = B+

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