Single Review: Rihanna breathes out hope on “American Oxygen”

Image credit: Def Jam
Image credit: Def Jam

CedricCed| April 16, 2015

Rihanna advises “Just close your eyes” and “Breathe out, breathe in American oxygen.” “American Oxygen” is the pop smash single from her forthcoming album, R8, which hits the fan sometime this summer. This song is ready to rule pop airwaves just in time for summer. It is an original and brisk change in the right direction for the singer. Supporters will embrace the fresh direction after some younger fans found “Bitch Betta Have My Money,” to ratchet for their taste.

RiRi is inspiring: “Young girl, hustlin’ / On the other side of the ocean / You can be anything at all / In America, America,” in such an empowering voice. It will prove hard to combat the urge, especially after hearing, “This is the new America / We are the new America.” Certainty in her voice, makes the song above average, ensuring her reign continues. Her remarkable verse is served with certitude from the very first note, instantly catching the listener’s concentration. On the same note, a stellar hook sings in harmony: “Every breath I breathe / Chasin’ this American Dream / We sweat for a nickel and a dime / Turn it into an empire.”

Producing genius Alex Da Kid formulate an atmosphere of growing hope, which makes for spirited encouragement. Rihanna fulfills her vocal duties, for the most part, totally breathing out one of her most notable hit in years. Additionally, the piano composition ideally intensifies the song’s melody. The twinkling dynamic beat pushes into the soul like a thief in the night.

As a single, the inspirational and alluring sound, makes this an excellent third single. The song’s mood and presentation will inspire a nation to hustle just a little harder. Rihanna chases the hearts of people, lifting spirits all over the world, in a prominent voice, to keep the dream alive. Foresee this future smash song on every Top 40 station, in no time, this song will be her biggest hit in years. Reminds you, anything in America is possible if you try hard enough.

Grade: 85 = B+

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