Yelawolf feat. Eminem: ‘Best Friend’ Single Review

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CedricCed| April 15, 2015

Yelawolf confesses, “I walk through hell almost every night” but “To the father son and holy spirit / I hold you nearest” on touching single “Best Friend,” from second album, Love Story. Eminem on the first feature of 2015 makes it known the wait is over, with a verse so powerful and exciting it is his best verse in years. A God-fearing pertinent verse breathes a fearless intrude of excellence inside the rap verse. The spirit and emotion rooted from Shady assures that his best friend is who he turns to in the darkest. This song arrives as a shock because of the heroic touch. The world stops for music such as this and vibes with the soul of the message that conjures a godlike experience to fall on your knees and praise of God.

Inside the first verse, Yelawolf takes a more modest approach, “Ain’t never been much of a church type / But I believe in the last days,” is a glaring contemplative verse. Next, Exhibit B, Eminem snaps a classic Kodak moment, during his verse, “You ain’t my (best friend, best friend) / Who you think I’m talking ’bout? / Lifts me up when I’m down and out / Still look to him without a doubt / Still got a (best friend, best friend) / Shout it out like there’s never been a louder mouth / Should have never been allowed a mouth.” Eminem thrills over the beat, ready to testify his side of the story with a moving impulse.

Producer, WillPower, composes tender piano keys to elevating the message, most notably inside of Eminem’s verse, the shimmering keys allow the lyrics especially with the heart and nimble verse from the short-tempered genius. An excellent arrangement that builds and intensifies as each verse passes shows very skillful presentation from WillPower.

As a single, forget everything else this year, this is the huge hit sorely missing from all formats, people buy music like this because it touches them somehow. But there is no doubt about it never count Eminem out because he’ll come in like a Tsunami on your ass, just because of his skillful artistry. Yelawolf just saved someone’s life with this truly spiritual record.

Grade: 94 = A

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