Performance Review: Erica Campbell thrills the crowd with “I Luh God”| eOne Afterparty

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CedricCed| April 14, 2015

Erica Campbell delivered the most likable performance of “I Luh God,” yet at the eOne Afterparty. The hot-blooded energy present from Campbell consumes the crowd instantaneously. Hearing the applause at the end and one fan saying, “That’s the one,” shows the impact of the latest single. A remix with Meek Mill for the video would be a genius marketing strategy.

Campbell arrived ready for this performance with her cut jeans, sneakers, and jersey, ready to enthrall the audience. She delivered a rather fitting performance for this kind of record. If the audience in attendance is any indication, this song is not far off from growing into a massive hit on urban radio. When the beat dropped, the audience had no choice but to say,”Aye.” The spirit of God is present with a spiritual purpose to connect with the younger generation who are into trap music. Campbell is always ready to unify with the young demographics because that who matters most to her agenda. The music solely set the atmosphere to receive the word.

Campbell vocally sounds great even if the song does not need much singing until the bridge, in which she lip synced that part for some reason. Interest in Campbell is at an all-time high at the moment, especially after seeing this performance. It is all about the energy of the beat and the message of the lyrics. The melody swiftly catches listener’s interest. The lyrics are what count here because that is the real message underneath the contemporary beat.

As a whole, this song is better than rapping or singing about sex, drugs, and money. That subject is so overplayed, simple-minded, and shallow. Do something different. And praise God with a trap beat in the background. It is refreshing seeing her release a diverse single, after releasing more traditional gospel singles from the album, it is a proper change in pace.

Grade: 85= B+

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