Madonna kisses with despair to promote album ‘Rebel Heart’

Image Credit: getty
Image Credit: Getta

Madonna kissing Drake shows a refusal to concede her album “Rebel Heart,” is a bonafide flop. Even still, royalty never kisses current fads of the moment, especially when you’re the queen. This scandalous behavior is eccentric but not a healthy expression image wise. “Rebel Heart,” reportedly takes the crown for her most unsuccessful album to date, which surely is displeasing, considering the album is her best since “Confession On The Dancefloor.”

In 2003, the ill-received album “American Life,” failed commercially because of the public’s unlike for her stance on politics. At the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, she arrives on stage with the hottest artists of the moment, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera for some foreplay action in front of millions to improve album sales. And fast forward to 2015 it is the same dusty act again, leaving the groundbreaking and original, Madonna, lost and confused. Channeling that ambition inside the studio would prove her authority more appropriately.

The act on stage at Coachella with rapper Drake maintained publicity, but I highly doubt fans of the rapper, plan on purchasing “Rebel Heart” after observing his face of disgust and embarrassment after the kiss. Here’s an idea; create some remixes of the current material in the studio with Drake but no tongue. Madonna the kissing entertainment is dull and lazy, seen and viewed that, it’s time for creative controversy.

As a whole, it’s disheartening to see Madonna weary and desperate in the midst of a challenging “Rebel Heart” era. In the first beginning days January 2015, seven tracks included on the new album, leaked ahead of the agenda and totally jolted her plans into a challenging disappoint. Nevertheless, her courageous spirit grows to support latest material even if once again she is kissing peasants with a career on a short life span.

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