Single Review: Erica Campbell keeps it hip and holy on “I Luh God”


CedricCed| April 13, 2015

Erica Campbell visits the trap to share the love with latest single “I Luh God.” This song included on the re-release album Help 2.0., released in March 2015, receives kudos for the trap beat. Urban radio currently are racing like the speed of light to add this to the playlist because it is trap music ready to connect with the youth. Designed to reach the young generation and get some massive spins on Urban radio, the only thing missing is a verse from Meek Mill. Intense piano keys and bass, create the character for the record to reach a whole new audience for the singer outside of the church, which is the sole point of releasing this as a single.

Campbell raps for the occasion about why she loves God, “I don’t think I could live no other way / Truth be told, I’m living how I wanna, aye / Nah, this ain’t no blessings in the modern-day / The Lord I serve / He gives them to me everyday.” The contemporary swag on display totally increases the song’s chances at causing a frenzy at urban radio. It is to see a gospel artist step outside the traditional tiresome songs typically released. Also, the hook fosters intrigue,” I luh God / You don’t luh God? / What’s wrong with chu? / I love Him, I love Him / Love Him, Love Him.” Admittedly, the most charming features of the record are, in fact, the infectious hook.

In closing, this generation is changing and either receive or get lost. It is not just rap music because it is reaching for the younger demo who listen to Meek Mill and Chris Brown. Further, showing gospel is fresh and spiritual in the same instance, when someone steps outside their comfort zone. Erica Campbell’s solo career is on fire, and she continues to make her name even more of a household name by continuing to strive for success regardless of the naysayers. A future gospel superstar in the making and with God on her side you can see exactly why she “Luh God.” Wake up, you can express your love for God in any way you decide.

Grade: 83= B

Help 2.0 from Erica Campbell – available on line and in stores now from My Block Inc. / eOne Music.

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