Performance Review : Faith Evans aids her career back into prominence singing “Be Free” | 2015 Black Girls Rock

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CedricCed | April 7, 2015

Faith Evans covered a prominent J.Cole song entitled “Be Free,” during her performance on Black Girls Rock this past Sunday. Without a doubt, the best performance of the night, the soul and passion is present in the vocals, elevating this version for its release on Itunes. The audience and I alike blame the singer for making tears fall because the lyrics moved, and the singer delivered, in a soulful interpretation. A remix needs a release to the public swiftly because this remarkable track deserves an audience in front of millions awhile changing lives in the process. Astonishing! She did an enjoyable job, very sincere performance. Rapper J.Cole is not the average which is why the rap game needs him dearly. When I heard “Be Free,” for the first time last summer, I was in tears.

Men and Women in the audience had no choice but adhere to the soul-piercing lyrics and voice gymnastics from the songstress, Faith Evans. It’s like J.cole heard the voice of God writing the lyrics with a divine purpose in mind to set the chains free for millions of black Americans across the country. Evans inspired from the original version swarms in vocally to aid this version into a whole different demographic who may have not known of J.Cole until this indestructible showstopper performance.

Evans vocally remains consistent after 20 years in the game, but this performance confirmed her worth as a vocalist and performer. The public interest in Evans is at the best moment for her since 2005’s record-breaking chart-topper “True Love.” It is all about the power of the voice and the message of the lyrics here during this profound career defining moment, many will not soon forget.

As a whole, the day J.Cole performed “Be Free,” on Letterman in December made history, fast forward four months later the impact continues to connect and unify America and artists alike. Faith Evans re-introduced herself  here in a briskness that album “Incomparable” failed to create during album’s promotion in late 2014.

Grade: 96 = A+

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