Performance Review: Madonna struggles to sustain but the spirit carries “Ghosttown” : 2015 iHeart Radio Music Awards

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CedricCed | March 31, 2015

Madonna finally looks relaxed and confident again with her hair and a new look singing “Ghosttown,” on iHeart Radio Music Awards”  from her worst-selling album of her career Rebel Heart. Her voice was very emotional she is “feeling” the song. Taylor Swift exuded sexy, looking delicious and beautiful! I’m amazed at her stage presence also. This performance was a pure art!  Without a doubt, this performance will help the album move units for at least the next couple of weeks. It was a brilliant idea of Madonna’s to let Taylor Swift play guitar during the performance.

No doubt about it, an emotional performance is delivered from Madonna and that would make any fan happy seeing her give some vulnerability. Sadly, her voice struggles and shakes its way to end the notes. Further, it comes off considerably flat. The passion behind the emotive vocal delivery remains the best aspect to take away from the performance. Maybe, more sustained vocal next time will ensure the accurate breath support needed for this type of song.

As a whole, after viewing this touching performance these two ladies need to record this version together with the addition of the guitar is wonderful. Madonna knows about connecting with the hottest pop artist of the moment in order to promote her latest album. Think back to 2001 at the MTV Video Music Awards when the infamous kiss between Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Madonna, shocked the world. A remix of “Ghottown,” sure be on iTunes right now…what is wrong with the label? It would shoot to the top of iTunes, is the label doubting the power of Swift because they are moving slow. In the end, we feel the emotions in the lyrics but wish it was more pleasing to the ear, no disrespect to the biggest selling female pop artist of all time.

Grade: 80= B

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