Performance Review: Snoop forgets to engage on “Peaches N Cream” ( 2015 I Heart Radio Music Awards)

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CedricCed | March 30, 2015

Snoop Dogg and Legendary Charlie Wilson pays a visit to I Heart Radio Music Awards to raise the knowledge, for the new forthcoming album Bush, with retro single “Peaches N Cream.” Rapping to the new single live is pretty decent but the energy seemed off a tad from the Long Beach native. Taylor Swift certainly looked touched and moved to the beat, like she does at every award show. It is a nice performance but seemed a tad dull in moments due to the lack of interaction with the crowd.

In black sunglasses, Snoop makes it difficult to connect with the audience. In the end, causing a disconnect to the song’s performance value. Nevertheless, the opening words will suck everyone right in, “She bout to go in.” The fun vibe in this song needs help being conveyed more in the next performance. Furthermore, “Peaches N Cream,” failed to make a huge impact on the song’s sales on Itunes like other performances from the show. One would think America would love this song, especially with the summertime feel but it may fall on the lackluster and uninviting performance.

Dogg needs to do more with an urgency because the album drops on May 12, 2015.  In next the performance, both artists need to dispose of the sunglasses so engagement with the audience can happen, creating something more memorable than the highlight moment of your performance being Taylor Swift’s dance moves.

Grade: 79 = C+

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