Performance Review: Rihanna excites for the most part on “Bitch Betta Have My Money” | 2015 I Heart Radio Music Awards

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CedricCed | March 30, 2015

Rihanna channeled rap legend Lil Kim on I Heart Radio Music Awards singing for the first time on live television her second single, “Bitch Betta Have My Money,” from her highly anticipated eighth album R8. In an interesting bit, the performance picks up some steam with an entertaining dance breakdown, near performance’s end. Rihanna lacks in the dancing department and should fully commit in the choreography in future performances. The imposing backup dancers display all the appeal needed for this type of performance more than the real artist.

Rihanna might not have the best voice, but it works best on songs like in “Diamonds.” I think Rihanna fits more of the low-toned slow urban records if she wants to go this route with her latest album  It is nice, seeing her improve in live performance. The star presence on stage is visible with her engaging with the audience even slapping hands and taking off the “sunglasses” in the performance shows the thrill of a performer, ready to satisfy her loyal Navy.

As a whole, the song meets the new trend requirements as being categorized as urban rap because singing fills no roles anywhere in this particular song. Her first performance of the song granted makes for an exciting experience, but the passion and commitment wholly to the persona of the song needs full development and grimmer appeal in the next sure-fire performance. The thing about Rihanna she is constantly adapting, changing and improving so next time inevitably will be a showstopper performance.

Grade: 80: B

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