Single Review: Rihanna visits trap wonderland on “Bitch Betta Have My Money”

CedricCed | March 27, 2015

Rihanna saves the clubs from boredom with the fully dressed swag on single “***** Betta Have My Money” from forthcoming album R8. For 3:38 minutes, a “man-down situation” takes listeners into trap fantasy wonderland full of favorable ratchet lines to make sure she gets her money. This record comes anxious to satisfy as the summer anthem of 2015. Falling in love with this song comes naturally and in no time will be heard  on the hottest Urban station in the city repping RiRi with the speakers blasting this loud and clear. Someone cut a check for Rihanna because rescuing the club and urban radio in the same instance is something only fit for the Trap Queen.

Instantly, without pause those haunting piano keys from Producer The Deputy push the senses in anticipation of the queen’s moment to arrive “don’t act like you forgot” because after hearing this song the only thing to remember “***** Betta Have My Money” shows the reign remains far from reach. The point of the song is to remind haters and doubters “Y’all should know me well enough” and know her bank account is “ballin bigger than Lebron” because “I call the shots.” The ratchet soul instrumental, at the end of the song will cause a riot on the dance floor. It is all about the money on this record so for those waiting for another standard pop record like “FortyFiveSeconds,” unfortunately “***** Betta Have My Money,” is not the one.

As a single, Rihanna just will not release any crappy singles to allow anyone else to take her reign. Radio Dj’s can rejoice because there is a new trippy trap record to play for the duration of the year with this club tailored song fitted to perfect capacity. Expect to hear this in the clubs starting this weekend if the DJ is really on his job, and radio popularity will happen fast and furious because this song will climb up the charts making a huge statement come next week. Only Rihanna releases “***** Better Have My Money” one day before her animated Dreamwork film “Home” hits the theaters, accomplished in ever sense of the word. Indeed, someone needs to have the queen’s money before she goes” brrap, brrap, brrap.”

Grade: 85= B+

3 thoughts on “Single Review: Rihanna visits trap wonderland on “Bitch Betta Have My Money”

  1. Was her introduction on an awards show, like, 10 years ago? I feel like I recall Jay-Z introducing her (to the general public), she walked down some steps like a goddess singing S.O.S (that clever mash up of radio hits) and her star was born like boom pow. Her collaboration with Sia on Diamond will always be my RiRi hit. So raw.

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  2. Umbrella is ingenious and so versatile. It makes a lovley gospel tune. Rhianna (the persona) is a fantastic person to give voice to studio genius. Beyond that… well, it seems it sucks to be her. She reminds me of an overtly cynical Marilyn Monroe. Have you looked into her eyes? So dead. Sure, I’m a nut and all, but she seems resigned to Rhianna persona and is just gonna drive herself into the ground. Derp, hopefully this is just my protestant upbringing trying to project onto this celebrity. So it goes.

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