Ariana Grande demands ‘One Last Time’ with former lover : Single Review

CedricCed | January 28, 2015

Ariana Grande feels “Like a failure / Cuz I know / That I failed you” and commands one more chance on latest single “One Last Time.” The melody is simple and knocks on the head like a hammer to the nail. Arianna Grande is breathing fabulous vocals on “One Last Time,” her best single to date, with no help from a featured artist, thank goodness. Maybe, now she can show the world her true inner diva.

Her voice offering has never been greater than on “One Last Time.” The passion behind the vocal is heard in the stupendous presentation, maybe this is her favorite record from the album; My Everything. It is an appreciated surprise, to witness the singer release a single without another artist, and it shows; she can stand on her own. It’s very visible in the chorus, “So one last time / I need to be / the one / who takes you home / One more time / I promise after that, I’ll let you go.” Grande gives a vibrant vocal, breathing life into the now tiresome production.

Producers Falk, Rami, Ilya, Tuinfort, and Kotecha operate predictably with the loud drums and give the song, a modern touch, perfect for radio spins. Nevertheless, the predictable moments occur but still offer a cheap thrill, at the moment.

Ariana Grande is embracing his inner diva with record “One Last Time,” with an outstanding vocal, to prove it. Verses are the strong suit, on this pop record. The second verse is the strongest: “I know I don’t deserve it / But stay with me a minute / I swear I’ll make it worth it / Can’t you forgive me? / At least just temporarily / I know that this is my fault.” Surely, the verses are the most striking part of the song.

As a single, “One Last Time,” comes right on time, proving Ariana Grande’s worth as a solo artist. Competition is tough at the moment on pop radio, but this tune should not have any problems climbing up the charts. Solo Grande works so much better which gives the young artist, a chance to shine all on her own, at least musically.

Grade: 82 = B

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