Maxwell please stop perfecting ‘blackSUMMERS’night’ and release the already perfect masterpiece

CedricCed | January 26, 2015

Six years ago, Maxwell finally released the first part in his three part trilogy; “BLACKsummers’night,” an absolute time and tested, classic of exceptional fortitude. Furthermore, the timeless album went on to win a Grammy for; Best R&B Album in 2010. The songs of hope like “Fistful of Tears,” “Help Somebody” and song’s about love “Love You,” “Pretty Wings,”  and “Stop The World,” are high and above any music released in the last six years. The lyrics were prevalent in the their truth, creating a lasting moment because the music stays with you, even in 2015.

Imagine when Maxwell teases fans that new material is on its very highly anticipated way, at the end of December on his personal Twitter informing fans across the twitter world that “Summer is coming this winter.” This is not the first instance that Maxwell has thrown a fitting teaser so some fans are over all the false hope.

When an artist releases a classic album such as the 2009′ “BLACKsummers’night,” expect excitement and all eyes all : Maxwell for second installment, “blackSUMMERS’night.” People all across the world have waited for a very long time now for the follow-up, in the midst, of push backs. It is highly understood that you are a self-proclaimed “perfectionist,” so making sure the music flows in a cohesive masterful way is imperative for an artist of your caliber but six years of teasing, is a tad much.

Initially, the second part was scheduled for release in the summer of 2010. But after ever that announcement the release date constantly changes each year, since 2010. Even more, fans have waited patiently and at this moment feel used and abused with the one constant thing and that is a the album is constantly being pushed back.

In closing, I believe Maxwell will finally release the second installment of the trilogy, sometime this winter, summer or fall, but with his track record, who really knows, the truth. It is best to just wait and listen to the classic that is,”BLACKsummers’snight,” until actual new music is available to buy on Itunes. Maxwell creates masterpieces and has a very proven track record of masterfully written music that only gets better with time. Maybe, with such a long wait, like wine Maxwell has only gotten better with time.

5 thoughts on “Maxwell please stop perfecting ‘blackSUMMERS’night’ and release the already perfect masterpiece

  1. Maxwell track record of putting off this three part record goes back farther than 2009. The album had been promise on Valentine’s day for three consecutive year in 2005. The snippet of Pretty Wings on his My space page was the tease that kept folks expecting. I still look forward too it but geez! It’s about the fans right?

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  2. ha ha! I can completely relate to this. Artists would do well to remember fans are not half so critical as they are on themselves. The next album is the time to try again, and in the meantime… put the current album out here for us!

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      1. Agreed. In Maxwell’s defense he did a song with Alicia Key, Fire We Make. Also there was that one with Nas. If we could just get more like these mentioned that would be great.


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