Single Review : John Legend and Common will have a nation singing “Glory”


CedricCed | January 13, 2015

“Glory” maybe the most important, uplifting song in a decade. John Legend and hip-hop legend Common in a unified front bring a positive outlook for the future. Surely, the world will know “The biggest weapon / Is to stay peaceful”. The fight is not over but in a masterfully constructed, powerful soul lifting song, glory is not far from reach.

John Legend once again shows why his voice alone is worthy of reverence. In another zone, vocally, an influential visit from Get Lifted Legend, is alive and well. John’s powerful voice brings faith in glory, during the chorus, “One day / When the glory comes / It will be ours/ It will be ours / One day / When the war is one / We will be sure / We will be here sure / Oh / Glory.” The powerfully written hook will inspire the soul with an improved optimistic view on the future, for all races.

Common in the best and most important lyric of his career is abnormally brilliant. Hands will rise, in relief from Common’s conversation,” Selma is now / For every man woman, and child / Even Jesus got his crown in front of a crowd / They marched with the torch / We gon’ run with it now.” Inspirational and profound in his wordplay, indeed will enlighten the world, to a modern way of reasoning.

An out-of-body experience occurs during the bridge: the pain, hurt, suffering, and loss manages to carry hope for a different future because of the best vocal of John Legend’s career. It is like Legend channeled into a spirit of Selma’s pain and pushed for struggle of seeing “Glory.” At the end of the motion picture Selma, as the credits roll, the words “Glory” pierce the heart, heard from the angelic choir in the background, supplying hope to a misguided world. The dream is still alive; the King will be joyous looking from heaven.

The production provided for the vocal on “Glory” is some of the best work heard in a long time, supremely benefiting the song into the high heavens. Most especially during the bridge of the song where the violin strings bring dramatic importance as the background singer says in unison with the choir, “Glory.” Honestly, a moment that will change many Americans lives, if their hearts are open to development.

In the end, this song will move the spirit with understanding of the pain endured by the many who have paved the way, and the courage to continue with love, as a weapon. “One day, when the war is won,” the world will cry and shout “Glory,” because it is an emotional experience, unlike anything you’ve felt in a long time. Let the lyrics composed by the John Legend and Common, heal any hate, stereotypes, prejudice and racism inside the heart. Indeed, then all of us no matter our race can cry “Glory,” together realizing the dream of Dr.Martin Luther King, is alive and breathing.

Grade: 98 = A+

7 thoughts on “Single Review : John Legend and Common will have a nation singing “Glory”

  1. Thank you for this. It’s wonderful. I couldn’t agree more about Common. The sonic fountain of their collaboration awesome is such good medicine. Such deft architecture, it is amazing.

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  2. Son this is a true write up that you wrote and you did an “Excellent” job. Cedric you are doing a Good job!!! John Legend wrote a good song.


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