Single Review : MGK reps Cleavland with “Till I Die” a worthy trap anthem

cover600x600CedricCed | January 8, 2015

Laced up and ready, Cleveland rapper MGK puts on for his city in the biggest degree on debut single “Till I Die,” from upcoming sophomore album from Bad Boy Records. After listening to this rap record: grinding harder will be the new plan for 2015. This rapid fire tongue rapper came from his basement; now the city of Cleveland stands behind him. Now it is time for the world to hear this brand new Spitfire single which will sure grab the attention of the rap community.

MGK is here to represent his city and does just that and gives a little teaser about what direction the music will sound like on be on upcoming album. Although, some MGK fans who’ve been after the rapper since “The Return,” will argue this is just some trap nonsense, missing a message in the lyrics. This song is clearly meant to become an anthem for Cleveland, not a poetic justice, song.

Lyrically, the rapper achieves sufficient enough wordplay to please fans until next single. It is most noticeable in his verse, “Dead broke we was smoking mid bro / Baby mama hollerin / ‘How we suppose to live tho?!’ / FUCK THAT! / Beat the game up quick doe / Everybody in the team eatin.” MGK was broke with little money but still remained determined to make it as a rapper for his daughter. It does not get much more real than the display of hustling in the midst of turmoil.

Justice League went Superman on this beat, bringing in power to the record that even the substance Kryptonite would melt in its presence. The trap production, helps fuel the gritty hook, “Bitch, I’m from the land till I die (till I die) till I die / On The East Side till I die (till I die) till I die / Bumpin that Bone Thugs till I die (till I die) till I die / In the hood I’m good till I die / CLE till I die.”

In closing, what an excellent way to come back to the world than with “Till I Die.” The record is where the Cleveland raised rapper rises up to the challenge and represents his city. It is an anthem for the people of Cleveland, who need some ambition or some encouragement, from a native who made their dreams come true. The single is an anthem for Cleveland, maybe the first of its kind, entirely.

Grade : 83 = B

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