French Montana delivers another lethargic record with “Bad Bitch” : Single Review


CedricCed| January 1, 2015

It is 2015, and the second single “Bad B****,” from French Montana’s forthcoming album Mac & Cheese: The Appetizer, is another serving of tired material. Making matters even more frustrating is paper-thin vocalist; Jeremih. Montana appears inconspicuous on his record, hyping Jeremiah instead of finding his distinctive voice.

French Montana has not released anything musically innovative since “Pop That,” from debut album, Excuse My French. First single, “Don’t Panic,” barely made an impact on radio or in digital sales. Well, rest assured it is the same repetitive nonsense, lazily repeated on “Bad B****.” Lately, it sounds like he is more of a hype man than an actual rapper. Maybe, there remains a deeper issue at hand with the serving of such lazy material musically.

An understanding of music these days will show some attest to rap becoming less lyrical. Progression of beats has overshadowed the lyrics. The production dominates over the mediocre verses so supporters of this type of urban music will add this to their playlist, without hesitation. Hey, it is their divine right to stand for the record even if to most; it is utter lethargic music.

Jeremih sings on the hook, “Got a good thing / going with a bad b**** / You know where to call / when you need it.” Yes, those are the weak lyrics heard even before, French Montana gives his dull verse. Jay-z ended the use of auto-tune on the classic “D. O. A ( Death of Auto-Tune,” but six years later it runs rampant, especially on “Bad B****.” It is in the best interest of the rapper if he forgets the singers on the hook and just rap; all would be well.

The chorus is not even a remotely catchy and reflects each artist who contributed to this disorder. Granted, there is nothing wrong with singing about money, cars, and girls. If that is the life that the rapper lives, at least, add something like a rewarding hook for substance.

In closing, it is hindering to see someone with such promise release and stand behind such tedious music. It is not even remotely improved in musical quality from first single “Don’t Panic.” In the end, anticipation for the album is lifeless and empty at this point, honestly speaking. Possibly, a third single will bring much-sought attention to the upcoming album Mac & Cheese : The Appetizer to garner some attention.

Grade: 70 = C

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