Fabolous is at his lyrically prime on ‘The Young OG Project’: Album Review

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CedricCed| December 25, 2014

Fabolous, is the perfect Santa Claus, releasing sixth studio album: The Young OG Project, on Christmas Day. Six years ago, was the last LP, called Loso’s Way, which garnered hit “Throw It In The Bag,” the golddiggers anthem. Remaining busy, the last five years, releasing The Soul Tape, There Is No Competition mixtapes in 2011 and The Soul Tapes 2 in 2012. What a perfect way to end 2014 with a new album, from the missed MC, helping ring in 2015. Hip-Hop fans have even more reason to be in the holiday spirit, and it is all because of Fabolous.

In the opening, first single “Litaution” opens the show with a vanity theme of money, just like a true Young OG. Money changes the situations “everything brand new” with a warning “When I come around / It goes down.” It is cocky and hip-hop inspired with its hard in the streets production, provided by producer Remy The Martian, takes the theme off to an excellent start. Fabolous represents New York to the fullest by bringing new slang “Litaution” to the limelight, on a real New York record. It is his best single since 2010’s hit, “You Be Killin EM.” It is for the streets, filled with bars and amazing punch lines.

The next track, “We Good, happens to have some great one liners. For instance, “You wasn’t there / When we needed your help / So we good / They wouldn’t do it / I did it myself / Now we good.” The production made straight for the gutter totally gives the record a ratchet element for Fabulous to spit some excellent bars to get some attention. Rich Homie Quan is on the hook, which comes as a surprise but even more unexpected is how well the tracks work. A record so good, it is worth repeating with an enthusiasm, due to its overload of swag.

The throwback production on “All Good,” is reminiscent of the good days in nineties’ hip-hop and makes this one a standout. Lyrics will have anyone feeling good,”If you smoking good good / n**** pass it to your man / Cuz when you at your lowest / Getting higher is the plan.” Near the end, it makes one long for the days of good girls and good music. Lyrically, one of the best records of Fabulous’s career.

As the beat builds on “You Made Me,” it will show some insight into the ones who have oppressed the rapper. “Life gave me lemons / Its time to lemonade me/ Music to my ears / The lies just serenade me/ What they did to me/ I done done it to the next / What goes around is coming to you next.” The tale is one of the albums realest, providing a heartbreaking subject with inspiration.

The album’s club ready anthem “She Wildin,” will cause a dancefloor attack because of the amazing production from C. Justice, The Superiors. This song includes the “Oochie Wally” sample from Nas and Bravehearts album: Nas & Ill Will Records Presents QB’s Finest. Chris Brown, guest stars and sings the hook,”She Wildin / She do her thang thang,” and brings his inner bad boy out speaking language only for the grown ears. Fabulous is “Tryna lock her down / she ain’t with the chain gang/ Wanna make her wifey / but/ no name change.” “She Wildin” must be a single in the summer of 2015.

“This year, the world will be jamming to “Ball Drop,” going into 2015. It is about letting go of; adverse people causing turmoil and confusion. French Montana has the hook in control, “New Year / That’s when draws drop / Cut them n***** off, when the ball drop.” Fabolous has some advice for the new year, “We got be the winners / because the rest is losing / I told them get money/ That’s the best solution.” At twelve o’clock this record, will inspire the deletion of voids, never present, but only to stir hate. A captivating laidback production is the background cementing the 90’s vibe present with ease.

Showing his rap bar skills on “Bish Bounce,” is where the climax for the album comes to a high. Fabolous goes straight into attack mode,”You should make more moves / And make less announcements / Ain’t with that talking b**** save that for counseling.” Ringing the bell with one-line uppercuts of meaningful elevation, Fabulous swiftly moves like a boxer in the ring for the main event.

Giving his best trap ready tribute on “Rap and Sex,” assures it release as a future single. Retracing earlier days “I just got the crib with the studio / You can say / I live at the studio / Shorty come and give at the studio.” It has that Texas screwed retro feeling to the production. Only thing missing here is a Slim Thug feature. Urban radio would push this single into number one status because it is made just for that purpose.

“Gone For The Winter,” with its Frank Ocean vibe, steals the show. Fabolous is very underhanded and ready to “make sure you see me” and “Head high/ Middle finger higher” if not in agreement. It has a very early nineties Aurora, in its the chorus. ” These cats ain’t real / Just find out they leopard print/ Cuz they always talk sh**, and then ask you for peppermints/ Well, I can smell the hate on your breath.” Excellent in his wordplay and at an all time high lyrically, making this is the album go-to moment.

“Cinnamon Apple,” is sweet to hear, near the albums closing. Detailing his past relationship with vivid details, “Who at the time was Tina Williams / And she had no idea / one day / I would see a million.” Introspective and revealing just like an hip-hop tale of love gone wrong should be.

“The Fear that you feel is not real,” is the opening words to this cavitating album closer. It is here where Fabolous brings his lyrical game to an introspective best, giving details on his past as a Young OG. Initially the vocalist, Abri Haronni sounds a tad similar to Skylar Grey but stands on her foundation, proving a stunning alluring vocal delivery. Drums hit the bass, giving this song courage, to close the album with a positive message. In a thought probing close, the rapper leaves a dilated message “Done a lot, but I know / I’m not done yet.”

The Young OG Project concludes with Fabolous slaughtering each track with charming and real lyrics that is sure to grab the attention of true hip-hop fans. A remorseful and more merciless rapper emerges from the shadows. His best work since 2007’s, From Nothin’ to Somethin’, happened when he went back to the streets. The future looks brighter than ever for New York native; now signed to Roc Nation, with an another album currently titled: Loso’s Way: Rise To Power, scheduled for release sometime in 2015. It looks like the perfect recipe for a comeback.

Grade: 93= A

The Young OG Project BEST: “Lituation,” “We Good,”All Good,” “You Made Me,”She Wildin’,” “Ball Drop,”Bish Bounce,”Rap & Sex, “Gone For The Winter,”Cinnamon Apple,”Young OG II”

The Young OG Project FILLER: NONE

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