Performance Review: Jazmine Sullivan mesmerizes with vocal range in “Mascara” performance

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CedricCed| December 16, 2014

Jazmine Sullivan is live at the Gramercy Theater in New York to perform her innovative new song “Mascara,” from upcoming album Reality Show. Dressed in an all-black dress with a ponytail in tow, she has set the vibe set to perform her new record live for the first time in front of the toughest crowd in the United States. Her look compliments the sultriness of the seductive record.

A first-rate display of her vast range as a Mezzo-soprano in her upper register where it is light and in the lower middle where it is stable and dense. The contrast in her tone is exceptional as she glides from high and low notes with conviction. Vocal sending during this live performance is exceptional specifically during the ad-libs that many singers cannot pull off live.

The crowd seems to be downright mesmerized by the voice and all its gifts as she tells her new story for the first time live. It is always bold for an artist to perform original material before releasing it to radio or digital outlets to hear some feedback. Additionally, it conveys there is some faith behind the music. Jazmine Sullivan has never sung so seductively on record before now, and it sounds near perfection.

“Mascara” certainly sounds good live, and the background singers stand out for their delivery. Mostly, a firm, demanding performance yet seems to be missing a magic to make everything cohesive across the performance aspect. Nevertheless, a stunning vocal delivery will be the highlight of this performance.

Grade: 85= B+

Jazmine Sullivan’s new album, Reality Show, out 1/13/15 & available for pre-order! iTunes:
Amazon Music:…

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