Single Review: Amy Winehouse would love Faith Evans’s excellent second single “Fragile”

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Amy Winehouse would nod in respect at the Incomparable Faith Evans, giving an immaculate tribute to the late great talent on “Fragile,” the second single from her stellar seventh studio album Incomparable released November 2014. Faith is a powerhouse of bluesy soul demanding to know, “is it love, is it lust love, wanna know if I can trust you with my heart.”

Faith unexpectedly shifts her music styles from uptempo throwback hip-hop themed first single “I Don’t Deserve featuring Missy Elliot and Sharara,” which was met lukewarm response from radio in the summer of 2014. “Fragile” stands out from the previous single mainly because of its retro production and outstanding chorus. Furthermore, The First Lady has never released such a unique sounding single, and it is about time she tries something different musically, especially if it is this well produced.

The throwback to the big band sound installed crosses an incredible musical integrity into the dynamic production. As the trumpet blows, the vocals pull in the message, awhile the chorus does the magic. In a perfect world, this would crossover on pop, rhythmic, urban, and urban adult contemporary all in the same instance. Every layer from production, lyrics, chorus, vocal and musicality bake a delicious R&B treat. “Fragile” is without a doubt, the best r&b single of 2014.

Faith Evans sings with effortless power that is the support for the song taking it further steps from just another R&B song. Proving she can “love you faithfully,” is easy but needs to know, “If I gave you all of me, boy would you give me you.” Her voice during the chorus is vulnerable yet adamant about her needs for her frail heart. Evans, not new to love, and all of its unexpected feelings, released a similar song with a similar subject matter titled “Stop N Go,” from album The First Lady.

Highly underrated artist Faith Evans demands her presence remain seen as Incomparable with the excellently Chucky Thompson produced, “Fragile.” Label executives made a smart decision in saving this as the second single to help propel those album units weeks after the albums release. With high hopes, this will be one of her biggest hits since, “Gone Already.” Time is now for this deserving single to receive much due success across all radio playlists.

Grade: 90= A

“Fragile” by Faith Evans (Google PlayAmazonMP3iTunes)

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