Performance Review: Gwen Stefani performs “Spark The Fire” to a rousing audience

CedricCed| December 10, 2014

Coming down from her wonderland, Gwen Stefani sparks the stage with an energy only she is famous for performing her second single,“Spark The Fire.” Gwen is unique in her tone, never sounding flat or overreaching beyond her limits. Sure, there are many pop singers that can put fancy runs into songs – but Gwen’s voice is designed more for ska, punk, and rock music. Her voice is clear and sharp throughout the duration of the entire performance.

Pharrell should exit to the stage left and exclude his services from future performances, standing saying nothing beneficial besides, “hey”, “come on”, “everybody” is a distraction. Gwen still shines outside the box and with being a little edgy with this new sound that’s entirely different from anything on pop and urban stations currently. Thanks to the creative artist within Gwen, this isn’t a typical pop song, but it is a work of hip-pop art from two different talented artists.

Gwen set a spark that ignited, by having the audience use neon lighters as props in the crowd to emphasize the “spark the fire” chant during the chorus that creates highlight moment the performance. An artist is doing the job if the energy of the song is being conveyed to the audience hearing the song for the first time possibly.

The first live television performance of “Spark The Fire,” is sure one to beat, the energy Gwen gave is as if she never left the stage at all. Fast in her rhyming delivery and was never missing a beat as she stayed consistent in voice and presentation. It is a fun crowd pleasing performance, full of color and even more fire on stage.

Grade: 82= B

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