Performance Review: Jennifer Lopez: ‘Booty’ (2014 American Music Awards)


CedricCed| December 3, 2014

Jennifer Lopez completely stole the show at the 2014 American Music Awards with “Booty” even if it happened to be the closer for the evening. In a night booked of teeny performances, Lopez brought it all home for a larger-than-life performance that would make Michael Jackson in heaven and even Janet sitting at home in Dubai jubilant to see the showcase presented. Jenny from the block in her gorgeous 40s continues to surprise and entertain audiences each time she steps foot onto the stage. The ending is the highlight, where she gives nothing but full on choreography, building up to an exceptional conclusion of twerking heaven! Jennifer Lopez is an Icon and Billboard surely knew who qualified for the first ever award presented in May 2014.

Grade: 92= A

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