Album Review: Rick Ross- Hood Billionaire

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CedricCed| November 24, 2014

Welcome the neighborhood Hood Billionaire: Rick Ross, eight months after releasing Mastermind, Ross returns with drug-filled anthems to fill the streets. Hood Billionaire is a story of a drug dealers daily life captured in real life situations. On his seventh studio album, Ross creates a world of gritty concinnity on how to get money, in fact this has always been Rick Ross’s rise to fame. It is one of his best albums to date but his best flowing album yet.

Ross obtains assistance from hip-hop producers: Timbaland, Beat Billionaire, Big K.R.I.T., Lex Luger, Deedotwill, DJ Toomp, and V12 The Hitman. The features include; R.Kelly, K.Michelle, Jay-z, Snoop Dogg, Boosie Badazz and Project Pat each benefits their respective area and on no occasion outshining the artist. Trap Rick Ross shines on (“Coke Like The 80s”), club anthems (“Heavyweight”), drug music (“Neighborhood Drug Dealer”) and something for the ladies (“Keep Doin’ That”). The album is a collection of what Rick Ross is all about- getting money like his life dependent upon it. Entertaining and revealing 16 tracks of pure Rick Ross snarling in his prime, picking up where Mastermind lacked in depth and signature tracks. The first single “Elvis Pressly Blvd” is a ride with Rick Ross as he does rounds waiting customers with an “itch” for some more product. His exceptional growling is addressing the naysayers, on his life before fame on the hook and chorus: “Riding down Elvis Presley BLVD,Got the boy, got the girl and I got the heart,Tell them pu**y crackers they can bring the dogs.” He brings one of his most introspective tracks to date and set himself apart from other rappers in the game.

As a matter of fact “Neighborhood Drug Dealer” is gritty to the bone and fit the album’s title flawlessly giving an in-depth look into his past life in the streets. This track is strictly for the streets, and it works like a charm in the providing a visual. His commanding flow is Ross at his best: “Dope boy dream, never lose it all,Montgomery Alabama know we love the send ’em soft,Baton Rouge’s a Actavis and act a fool,Neighborhood dope boy you should hit me too.”

Containing his best single in a long time “ Keep Doin’ That(Rich Bi***)” is something for the ladies in the clubs and is a significant addition in the midst of the drug filled anthems. It’s a breath of fresh air on the album with utterly fantastic production from V12 The Hitman, and R.Kelly brings his A game on the hook. “Keep Doin’ That” is a step away from the drug talk, whereas most of Hood Billionaire is gritty trap music that sometimes becomes a tad tedious.

The final two tracks, “ Family Ties” and “Brimstone” end the album on an upright note, and his look back on family brings a much-needed dose in humility. This album brings him back to where he needs to be, with redemption from Mastermind. In fact, without the naysayers and haters, this album wouldn’t exist. With the lively take on his love for old school musical styles, Hood Billionaire is an album with an entertaining drug trafficking tale deserving of a treatment on the big screen.

Grade: 84= B

Hood Billionaire Best: “Keep Doin’ That(Rich Bi***),”Coke Like The 80’s”, “Neighborhood Drug Dealer”,”Elvis Presley Blvd”,”Family Ties”,”Brimstone”, “Heavyweight”,”Nickel Rock”, “If They Knew”, “Burn”, “Moving Bass”

Hood Billionaire Filler: “Phone Tap”,”Trap Luv”, “Quintessential”


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