Album Review: Faith Evans- “Incomparable”


CedricCed|November 24, 2014

The Incomparable Faith Evans is a force on her seventh studio album. Full of surprises in this twisted web of love and all it hides in unexpected turns along the way for good or bad. Faith Evans explores it all in a great R&B album that is sure to pick a few Grammy awards next year for sure. Incomparable is well worth the three-year wait and like they say good things come to those who wait.

In the opening moments of ” Thank You Good Night” the tone for the rest of the album is set, uniquely propelling into huge ballad of epic proportions with more soul than a little bit. It will have anyone ready to make their no good other half pack up and get out. The lyrics within the production is stellar which creates an exhilarating beginning to what is an Incomparable ride!

The next two mid-tempo records “Extraordinary” and “I Deserve It” continues the cruise into love. Evans questions whether the love is meant to be on “Extraordinary,”, or is it even worth it because “A girl like me is worth it” inside old school ” I Deserve It.” The better of the two is “I Deserve it” because it is a laid back summer vibe, perfect for cooking at pool parties and family reunions.

In the albums best highlight ” Fragile,” it is one of her best recordings in years. The old school big band sound is experimental and gives a throwback tribute to Amy Winehouse of some sorts. The hook and chorus are instantly heart-wrenching: “Is it love is its lust, wanna know can I trust you with my heart, My heart is so fragile baby.” Truly, Incomparable to any other song on the album.

Speaking of things that is Incomparable well, a slow jam featuring Keke Wyatt ” Make Love” is sexy and made for the baby makers who still appreciate records written just for them. Faith Evans sings vulnerably: “Won’t you come over, cause I want to make love, baby tell me if I am doing too much.” Faith Evans this her best slow jam R&b track of her career yet!

Now enough with the love Faith throws another surprise called “Good Time” that is a mid-tempo party jam ” Good Time” which even includes a rapper named Problem who happens to sound like French Montana. “Good Time” is another welcome change of pace on the album and becomes more than just album filler it has a good time at the most surprising moment!

With an emotive moving bluesy church “He Is” Faith declares “He is my very best friend, the only way to describe, what he is in my life, He is my everything.” “He Is” continues the trend of the album title Incomparable because it is just not comparable to anything else on the album. Adlibs will have the listeners clapping their hands as if there are in church by the closing moments of this incredible record.

The last two records (“Paradise”), (“Maybe”) close the album on an inspirational lift. “Paradise” is a beautiful, uplifting song featuring the legendary Karen Clark Sheard and B.Slade. Another turn of surprise is delightful. “Maybe” has the pleasure of being the albums closer, and it is melodic dwelling on the thought about whether she can love her significant other.

Incomparable is Faith Evans at her utmost best since her Faithfully album released in 2001. Faith experimented with new sounds on with a retro throwback feeling, and it is needed now in a much-needed resurgence in interest in R&b music. Faith Evans deserves a booking on national tv outlets with exceptional music with meaning behind the lyrics. Hard work, sweat, and tears are visible in each and every song, interlude, and production making this album Incomparable to anything out in R&b now. Well Done Faith Evans!

Grade: 87= B+

Incomparable Best: “Fragile”,”Thank You Good Night’, “I Deserve It”, “Make Love”, “Good Time”,”He is”, “Paradise”

Incomparable Filler: “Incomparable”

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“Incomparable” is available everywhere 11/24

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