Review: Meek Mill ft. Boosie Badazz- “FYM”

Meek Mill and Boosie Badazz on the same record, say it is not so?!  “FYM” is packing some intense heat. Moreover, the result; a rap delight, which is everything to be thankful for in this tired rap game. “FYM” is the real deal, no gimmicks, no games just rapping bars left and right. Serving as a perfect follow-up to first single “I Don’t Know” released early summer 2014. Sophomore album Dreams Worth More Than Money release date is currently December 2014 after several push backs due to personal reasons.

After a short break, Meek Mills returns even more focused than ever before. Sounding even more menacingly enticing than ever before. Dare anyone not to get mesmerized once the hook bangs in “I spent $1000 on these mother***** jeans boy/So much money, got it busting out the seams boy/ You got my old bi*** , took my new bi*** out your dreams boy.” The lyrics bring the song to life even if they are quite profane. Sometimes, explicit works and in this case it works perfectly enhancing the overall theme of the record.

Guest feature Boosie is visibly sounding as if he never left the game at all.  The Louisiana rapper coherently delivers a poignant, sharp, and ratchet verse from hood heaven. Shining moment for veteran rapper , “Let me let the money/my Rolex cost your house/ my shows sold out/got more more $1000 jeans than any store up in the south.” He flows so effortlessly without ever losing a beat.

The production by Jay Oliver totally amps up each and every verse seamlessly throughout benefiting the artists perfectly. Additionally, artists are given a moment to go instrumental for a few seconds spitting nothing but rhymes, and it works like magic for the record. In fact, it is the highlight entirely taking things to a higher dimension than just the average trap song.

Meek Mill has brought the heat alongside Boosie Badazz for an excellent pairing. The production is hard and dramatic! It provides the air support for artists to breath life into the song. Boosie is receiving mainstream treatment with this pairing, and it could not have been with a more deserving rap artist. Without a shadow of the doubt, “FYM” will climb high on Urban radio and could be Meek Mill’s biggest hit to date.

Grade: 85= B+

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