SNL Performance Review: Kendrick Lamar- “I”

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CedricCed| November 16 2014

Kendrick Lamar is telling a story and paying homage to Method Man, who used to where black contacts and rock his nappy hair. Last night November 15, 2014, marked the 20-year Anniversary of Method Man’s debut album Tical. Few rappers can pull off a moving performance, and that is 2Pac, Kanye West and Kendrick. They take people on a visual ride to help the audience better learn the material and stories they try to tell. Since day one Kendrick has kept it authentic, even on guest verses. This performance was cold; the tribute so well done, and this single is strong on all levels. Additionally, “i” is the best hip-hip song since 2pac heyday. Check out the worthy performance below!

Grade: 92= A

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