Album Review: Danity Kane-DK3

DK3 album cover.jpg
CedricCed| November 11 2014

Danity Kane always in the need of love gives the fans just that on the 3rd album from the successful group from MTVs Making the band. DK3 is a moderate followup to their best work to date Welcome To The Dollhouse released six years ago. Shannon, Dawn Richards, and Aubrey O’ Day sound unified and focused on their music. Musically the album is nothing career defining or elevating, but the music serves it purposes to entertain the listeners.

DK3 shines the most in the albums first half of the album sounding quite cohesive. The first cut “Rhythm Of Love” is a pop hit waiting to burst on the charts. The production is synths and synthesizers behind an uptempo love song. Reminiscent of love ballad “Sucka For Love” from Welcome To The Dollhouse. The most instantly catchy record from DK3.

The uptempo urban smash “Lemonade” featuring the rapper Tyga, served as the first single from the album, cementing the girl’s status for always creating the perfect urban record for radio. From the beat to the swagged out lyrics,”Love it when I am flexing up in my car\ Doors swing open from my passenger\ Lookup in the mirror fix my mascara.” An excellent record which totally captures the groups love for urban bangers. Remember “Bad Girl?'” well, ratchet club banger “All In A Day’s Work” is overflowing energy from the production, and lyrics that will set the dancefloors on fire.

On the pop anthem, “Rage” is where the ladies switch gears giving Miley Cyrus a run for the money saying “If you rage at the party|Then Scream it out| You can scream it out.” A rock pop song which would fit nicely on Top 40 stations playlists across the country. Not the best song on the album, but the addition of the record make sense.

Of course, the ladies get they are sexy on with the mid-tempo, “Tell Me.” Danity Kane asks their counterparts on the chorus,”Tell Me How You Want\Tell me\ Tell Me How you want me tonight.” Wait until the end where the harmony sung over snapping fingers bring the song home for a satisfying conclusion.

After “Tell Me” is where the album loses steam and never truly catches up to the momentum of previous first half, until the last two tracks. Thank goodness for “Pieces” a real gem hidden near the end of the album. A slow jam contemplating whether to leave or give the heart away again, “Don’t break it to pieces|Don’t Do It|I’m on the edge on what I feel|Do I believe?.” A beautiful ballad which redeems the filler tracks in the middle of the pack.

As a whole, DK3 has options in terms of future single releases. Singing urban and pop music benefits the group versatility. Many of the tracks will provide entertainment to the fans of the group leaving no room for disappointment. Fans will love the work and be happy just to have another album from Danity Kane.

Grade: 82 = B

DK3 Best: “Rhythm Of Love”, “Pieces”, “All In A Day’s Work”, “Tell Me”, “Bye Baby”, “Two Sides”

DK3 Filler: “Secret Lover”, “Roulette”

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