Performance Review: Taylor Swift- ‘Out Of The Woods’| JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE

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CedricCed| October 31 2014

Taylor Swift currently on a promotional tour for new album 1989, visits Jimmy Kimmel Live to premiere the television performance of an incredible song titled, “Out Of the Woods.” A clear favorite among many listeners of the new album. Will the performance live up to a fantastic musical endeavor heard on 1989?

Dressed in all black looking classy in a crop top and black leggings ready to devour new track from upcoming album. The opening is the best moment in the performance. Initially sounding in control particular during the first verse. Taylor seductively stares and seems clear vocally. Even more, during the verses is where she sounds best most comfortable vocally.

As the song digs deeper in the bridge, Swift has trouble satisfying vocally. In a moment, the bridge comes into the forefront focus is lost on the performance. Instead of performing her heart out in the most pivotal, aspect of the record, smiles and hand waves ensue to grab attention away from the vocals. Nevertheless, the background singers sound fabulous! Taylor Swift contributes a decent effort but with a song this big; the shoes have to fit perfectly.

Grade: 78= C+

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