Album Review: Kiesza- ‘Sound Of A Woman’|Exceptionally Refreshing

Image Credit: Island Records
Image Credit: Island Records

CedricCed| October 21 2014

Canadian native singer-songwriter Kiesza is signed to Island records releasing her first album .As the album title Sound Of A Woman alludes the listener; Kiesza is valid and substantial in storytelling, creating a powerful sound. Indeed, surprise is welcome since this is her debut album where she fully controls every track with a heart of a lion.The power of her artistry is an inspiration and exceptionally refreshing.

What is more important for worldwide domination than the memorable hit single,“Hideaway?”¬†Sometimes a getaway is just the soles desire.Kiesza, vividly explains her hideaway,”You’re taking me higher than I’ve been before/I’m holding it back just want to shout out give me more.” Even more, evidence of the powerful meaning behind the lyrics. In another clue to her desire “Vietnam” is an incredible pop song,”I’m under your fire/You got me burning up inside/You use my desire against me.”Desire leads to the blues after messing with the fire once already burned.

As a result, the soulful blues needs to be heard she pleads on the standout hip-hop soul ballad, “Losin’ My Mind”, over a hip-hop beat mixed with elements of rhythm and blues. Certainly, reminiscent of earlier work from EnVogue.Powerfully sung in the second verse,”It’s a beautiful misery/when you feel something to good to fight.” Similarly, on the dandy slow R&B song,“So Deep” she turns on sexy”Tell me why you want it/As you turn my body into shapes”.The desire grows monotonous establishing the sound of her voice.

Accordingly, the force is behind potent title track,“Sound Of A Woman.” Natural harmonies create an epic stadium ballad. A voice within has been triggered; releasing a stronger more focused woman “you would understand if you listened/One more time I stand /While you choose to cross the line.”Without a doubt, ” Piano” is the albums best surprise. Perfect example of when production, voice and lyrics collide for a genuine moment. Remembering an old love make think,”I Still remember you/held me like a picture frame.”

Sound Of A Woman is full of surprises.Something is inside for everyone; rap, pop, r&b hip-hop and even adult contemporary.Everything about the sound remains focused throughout the duration of the album.Surreptitious twists and turns lead to the Sound of a Woman given by Kiesza. When this ride ends, a feeling of fortunate delight reaches the heart. Truly,one of the best albums of 2014.

Album Best:”Piano”,”Hideaway”,”Sound Of A Woman”,”Losin’ My Mind”,”So Deep”,”Vietnam”,”Bad Thing”

Album Filler:”The Love”,”Cut Me Loose”

Grade:88= B+

Soul Of A Woman


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