‘Aretha Franklin Sings The Great Diva Classics’, Album Review

CedricCed|October 21 2014

Music in today’s age misses the mark on musicality longevity essential for the classic song.Of course, Aretha Franklin has to include the classics such as”At Last”,”Midnight Night To Georgia”,”I Will Survive”, and “I’m Every Woman.” Aretha Franklin Sing The Diva Classics demonstrates why she is the in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The voice is a powerhouse full of life left.Luckily,two artists from the new generation made the cut for the album honoring diva classics– Alicia Keys and Adele should feel so honored.

The Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklin returns with new studio album Aretha Franklin Sings The Great Diva Classic delivering vocal bible Sunday school! The infamous Etta James classic, “At Last” spawned with care in hesitant cover that adds no new musicality.Without a doubt, entirely lacking conviction.Elsewhere on the reggae flavor, “No One” overflowing with soulful vocals makes for an incredible rendition sure to stand out from the rest.Prefer this cover over the Alicia Keys version.In addition, even more vocal force is heard on,“Rolling In The Deep” where soul sister delivers an impeccable vocal performance.Lacking the soul is the Gladys Knight classic,“Midnight To Georgia” cover.Aretha overlooks the depths of the lyrics causing a moderate disappointment.In contrast, Gladys Knight dived head first into the meaning of the words creating a soul classic.

Additionally, uneventful cover “Nothing Compares 2 U” becomes too jazzy for the real star the lyrics to shine.The production hinders the song from any chance to ostracize the original version.Indeed, Aretha seems to be having more fun on“I Will Survive” sounding defiant and in full control vocally.One of the better covers where the original pales in comparison.Indeed,“I’m Every Woman” is more deserving of a more honorable cover than this uneventful bore.Aretha seemed overwhelmed during the track unaware where to go next.

In closing, Aretha upstaged many of the diva’s classics but some tracks smother the queen’s voice. Even more, the album is appreciated for the pure musicality presented in each track.The voice is still a dynamite ready to explode at any moment without warning. Aretha Franklin is a living legend who has arrived to school the youngsters on how to take care of an incredible voice for over 60 years in the music business.The queen conquered her duty, with mishaps happened along the way.


Album Best: “No One”, “Rolling In The Deep”,”I Will Survive”,”You Keep Me Hangin On”

Album Weakest:”At Last”,”Midnight Train To Georgia”,”I’m Every Woman/Respect”,”Nothing Compares 2 U”

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